Thursday 12 March 2009

Steve never looked so sexy

Like Desley, Steve is getting a make-over as well.
Wettenhall, who is the State Member for Barron River, and is standing for jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs, and jobs, is bringing out his feminine side.
It's about time. The former lawyer, saviour and shinning knight for the old Cairns Yacht Club (thanks Steve,we couldn't have done it without you), may gain some new followers after a creative touch-up yesterday.
'Lady Wettenhall', as one of his election signs now reads, presents a softer, more caring side of ALP's Steve.
Adorning pearls and a blush, not to mention a new hair style, and some stunning lippie, befitting of a Queer Eye renovation, the MP has never looked so appealing.
"After 3 years in office, Steve is coming out of his shell," a Blog lurker who snapped the photo yesterday. "I think this will attract a new-found audience for the ALP, who desperately need all the support they can muster," the source told CairnsBlog on the condition of anonymity.
"I mean, look at what Bryan Law has done, and look at this creation... who ya gunna vote for?" they said. "He actually looks better the his opponent, Wendy Richardson!"
One thing is for sure, should Steve Wettenhall not be returned to represent the people next weekend, he could well find a new role in the Rocky Horror show.

~ seen a good road-side election sign? Email it and I'll share it with our readers!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Blimey, I didnt realize the shadow could look so good. As for jobs. What sort of Jobs are we talking ? Student, Job Fish, Mining, Head, Government. When he's looking for a new job himself, he could get a job with Woolworths. They are going to make available 7,000 jobs this year. I can see him now, checkout chick Stephen, "the shadow". Damn, there I go again, being irrational.