Wednesday 11 March 2009

Why should we give you this job again, Desley

Desly's getting a make-over. And this time, it's no reality show, it's serious.
"I’m giving Desley a tiara saying 'Yacht Club'," says resident Bryan Law who wants to hold the Cairns MP and State Tourism Minister to account for her actions in not listening to the people over the last three years.
Incumbent politicians don't like public meetings prior to an election, which provides opportunity for questions and MPs to stand up and talk on their achievements. You will see there's hardly any community meetings organised before the March 21st poll.
During the community campaign to save the historic Cairns Yacht Club building last year, the Cairns MP did not attend any of the meetings or public rallys, despite being invited. Instead, Desley Boyle decided to battle out the awkward subject from her Spence Street office bunker and hide behind constructed press releases and letters to the newspapers.
Bryan Law, who has supported Desley for over 10 years, says it's time to hold our local MPs to account, so they can stand on their record.
"Why should we give you this job again, Desley?" Bryan Law asks.
"Sadly Labor have now become responsibility and debate avoiders," he says. "She's failed the community," Bryan says of Desley Boyle.
Boyle promised that the Yacht Club building would be relocated and reconstructed by September this year, prior to the election. Only some scant remains were relocated.
"We could have then judged this MP and voted accordingly if they had gone full term on this issue," Bryan says. "However they have gone to this election six months early, desperate for another three years, and not done what they said they would do. They don't deserve our support."
Law says he was at first offended by the visual pollution of all the election signs around Cairns. "Rather than tell us about a candidate's achievements or policies we just get a photo and a name."
Desley Boyle's team of supporters have installed around 1000 election corfluttes, around the streets of the CBD, including the Southern highway and virtually every suburban street.
You have to question when an incumbent politician needs to put such a mass of signage out. They are either concerned about being re-elected, or they don't have much record to stand up and be remembered for.
"After a while I started to notice how ordinary citizens were adding information to the signs. moustaches, eye-patches, swastikas, black eyes etc," Bryan Law says. "I realised that candidates were actually offering us these signs as part of a genuine democratic debate."
Mayor Val Schier and her former candidate Sue Croome, initiated a city-wide campaign in the run up to the 2004 Council election, for the public to 'creatively decorate her party's roadside signs. Such temporary signage gives the community a chance to put public comment on them about their past record or current performance.
"This includes issues like the Yacht Club," Bryan Law says. "There’s a lot of signs. It’ll need creativity and persistence, but I’d like to thank our local politicians for giving us this chance. I’ll certainly be taking advantage of it."
Bryan says he won't be defacing Boyle's signs in the dead of night, and will be upfront and open in what he is doing.
"I, and thousands in the community, want to hold Desley Boyle and the Labor Party to account. We want them to stand up and engage in this debate about why this community was betrayed in such a blatant way," Bryan Law says.
Bryan is incensed that at least 5,000 of Desley's constituents, and another 6,000 from Barron River and Mulgrave, signed the petition to save the Cairns Yacht Club building, yet were ignored.
"I’d like a day in Court – either Magistrates if Police proceed, or Supreme if Desley seeks an injunction, but I want her to tell this community why she betrayed us all on this issue," Bryan says.
"The more splash I can make about Desley and the Yacht Club the better, it's a subject she and the Labor party would rather ignore, and sweep under the carpet."
Concern was expressed late yesterday from Desley Boyle's office on how to handle the sign defacing. There's little doubt the Cairns MP did not want to debate the matter of the Yacht Club and Labor's response to the Cairns community.
Now it's time for us all to make a stand.


Anonymous said...

Bryan, I and hundreds of my Jazz Club friends support your claim that Demolition Desley has to go. She certainly doesn’t deserve to hold office after leading the charge to demolish our 100 year old Heritage Building. The Aquatic, now rests at the JC University. They didn’t want it and were coerced into taking it onto their grounds by Stephen Wettenhall. It will be a long, long time before thousands of us will ever forget the Cairns Yacht Club and I'll wager no-one will ever forgive Boyle, Bligh and Wettenhall for what they have done in desecrating our History.

Anonymous said...

The only reason the Look No Policies Mob got on the Yacht Club issue was to drum up votes which they are desperate for in the Far North. Have you forgotten the Nationals and Cloudland Ballroom (a much more admired feature than the Yacht Club) The Belle Vue Hotel, the House on the Hill and countless other Q'land heritage items. They still are trying to get Jo and Flo's son John elected this time. Desley was at a meeting at the Yacht Club, the building was saved and is currently in re-construction mode. Bryan, I thought you looked into things a bit deeper before commenting. Very trivial, defacing posters. How about spending your time planting trees for the good of everyone.

Michael P Moore said...

PLEASE DO NOT post a comment here "ANONYMOUSLY".

I ask for this simply request clearly in the posting instructions.

I will remove any comment that does this in future.

Anonymous said...

Johno W, Freshwater said...
Labor have an apaulling record on heritage and environmental management.

Desley Boyle never attended one meeting at or about the Yacht Club, in response to the community's cry to have it preversed on the site it stood for 100 years.

The "building" was not saved.

It is NOT currently in "re-construction mode". The remains at JCU are an embrassment and a disgrace.

If the ALP and Boyle / Wettenhall et all, are/were proud of this 'achievement', why aren't they singing it's prasies and "win" for the community?

They aren't because they aren't.

Like the old Yacht Club building, they will be demolished next Saturday along with their credibility.

Anonymous said...

Lookin forward to next time you run for anything Bryan. Wanker will look great across your signs...although just one look at you screams that anyway. Not that all your ideas are bad mind you..its just your too random to take seriously.

I signed the petition too and fought this government for a fair EBA which probably cost me more to get thru industrial action than it was worth but the alternative LNP havent had one idea yet that they can prove is fully funded. They should still win tho as you cant be in power this long without shittin everyone off at least once.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of defacing corflutes, rumour has it that there has been a particularly humourous adaption of a corflute belonging to the current memmer for Barron River.

Apparently, so the story goes, a little mascara, eye shadow and lippe transformed the macho Steve into a very presentable Stephanie!

Has anyone seen the corflute in question, or has it been secretly squirelled away by a devotee to appear eventually as memorabillia on EBay?

Picture welcome if its still around.

Anonymous said...

Apologies for my spelling errors in the previous post. Should read "member" and "lippie"

I note the comment that Desley has put out 1000 corflutes. I am not going to debate that number - but Steve Wettenhall must have about the same judging by the coverage. Other parties cannot compete with that number, the LNP included. For the record each corflute, stake and screw units costs about $12.00 each. A rough estimate for Barron River and Cairns puts the cost of the signs at around $32,000. Sure some are reused - but you get the ghist of the somewhat wasted expense.

It's about time that the Cairns Regional Council had a think about this madness. It's visual pollution by all parties. I had the honour of being with David Gibson MP (LNP member for Gympie) today. His local govermnet authority limits all candidates to 50 corflutes only. And the location has to be registered with the council. Just imagine if the CRC followed the Gympie lead - only 50 Desley's, 50 Joel's, 50 Steve's and 50 Wendy's!

I understand that in Japan each electorate has one large billboard. Candidates only can place their photo/info on that billboard. Mmmmm!

I smile thinking about that!

Anonymous said...

How can someone unemployed ... be so FAT !!!
Is that where my taxes are going ???
to Macca's big meaty fatty burgers ???

Get a real life ...

Anonymous said...

Gee Bryan Outlaw - don't you have some anger management issues and personality deficits. Hope you don't drive a car. Enough idiots out there already.

Anonymous said...

Michael P Moore
It has been mentioned to me that you were involved with a political party in NZ, if this is true I would be interested to know what brand it was.

Anonymous said...

My apologies Michael, I forgot to put my name to my question to you re your NZ history

Anonymous said...

It’s time for Desley Boyle, Steve Wettenhall and Pitt the younger to be dumped from Parliament, and give someone else a go. The reason I’m so deeply offended by the Yacht Club issue is that it was so easy to solve. $1million to refurbish, landscape and preserve an old-time building regarded with great affection by thousands of long-term Cairns residents. So easy to do.

And look what we got! An ugly vacant block of land that won’t be built on for years. No revenue stream. No cruise ship terminal. Nothing.

On Monday Desley Boyle promised $38 million for regional tourism – and had her photo taken with Steve Wettenhall against an empty backdrop of Trinity Inlet. It’s called an empty promise. On Tuesday she refused to even consider public consultation for parkland and a port precinct that Cairns people might like.

What IS going on? Desley and her cronies are an absolute disgrace and it’s going to be my pleasure on Saturday week to leave the Labor Party off the ballot entirely.

Now I’d have thought that Quickie and Bryan Outlaw would be pleased by such a prospect. Apparently I was underestimating the curmudgeon factor in play amongst the noms de plume. Oh well! I’ll get over it.

Michael P Moore said...

Barry Daniels wants to know all about my political past. Why, I don't know. Tell ya what Barry, I'll show you mine, if you show me yours... how's that for a deal?

You can find all about my history in my disclaimer.. which is listed in CairnsBlog's Key Links section on the right hand sidebar of the Blog.


Anonymous said...

Typical Bryan Law analysis. Check "which way the wind is blowing", and then take credit for the result.

Get a job, loser.

Michael P Moore said...

"Bryan outlaw" if you continue to make personal insults in your comments, I will remove your contributions.

This forum is to debate the issues presented.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Michael
After reading your disclaimer I would guess it was the National Party, very similar to LNP policy, USELESS!

Unknown said...

"Anonymous," (above)

You must be a relatively new reader to Mike's blog.

He's often shamelessly bashed the right side of politics. In the Fed, and in the council elections.

A long-time reader would realise that Mike just hates politicians that have over-stayed their welcome, and have blatant disregard for the community.

This time those politicians just so happen to be from the ALP.

Michael P Moore said...

I couldn't said it better myself if I tried Tyson :-)

Anonymous said...


I want to take you up on that wager. what odds can you give me?

Anonymous said...

Gee Tyson, what a lovely little puppy you are turning out to be, show us how you wag your tail (tale) after you have been fed.
I'll just keep ig-gnawing your contemption