Tuesday 24 March 2009

ABC on a Monday night

ABC had a good line up last evening.

I had to switch across from Ten's Good News Week, which is always good fun.

However, I was riveted by this week's 4 Corners story about the dis-honouring of Marcus Enfield, all over a $75 speeding ticket he tried to wriggle out of. Actually, it was more like three or four speeding tickets over a few years. Liar, liar, pants on fire, screamed ABC's Sarah Ferguson at the former Federal Court Judge.

Following this, Media Watch dedicated it's entire programme to the fake Pauline Hanson nudie pix, published a week prior to the State election. Jonathan Holmes told the full story of how The Sunday Telegraph never checked it's source, not got the owner of the photographs to sign an agreement to declare they were genuine.

As Pauline exits from the political stage, I hope she get a damm good payout from the Tele. What a way to go.


peterquixote said...

the photos certainly did look like
Pauline Hanson and we were spreading them around even here in NZ dude.

Anonymous said...

Marcus Einfield is one hell of a liar. Not only did he use the excuse that dead people were driving his car, he produced two different women, who both claimed they may have been driving his car on that day. He had also used the excuse that overseas drivers had been driving his car on 2 or 3 previous occassions of speeding tickets and got away, with stat. declarations stating same.

No one is above the law Mr Einfield, and you have just found that out the hard way. His deceitfulness and arrogance in this matter knew no bounds.

So much for his religious convictions of Jewish faith, and being a prominent member of our high court and all his other good deeds over the years!
My experience in life has taught me to be suspicious of those people who are dedicated to religion, never miss church, who claim to live by "the book" etc usually display the worst type of human behavioiur to their fellow friends, family and other people generally.