Tuesday 17 March 2009

Anna arrived in her private jet to talk Jetstar!

Now you have to giggle at this one.

I'd laugh even if the Borg did a silly thing like this.

Premier Bligh changed her entire agenda today to fly all the way to Cairns, to stand alongside the Jetstar chief, aiming to take credit for their proposed reinstated flights to Osaka.

The Opposition's Rob Messenger says they must be getting desperate.

"The eleven year-old Labor Government spent most of the election campaign announcing Federal programs, funded with Federal money, now Anna Bligh has stooped to announcing that Jetstar is extending its presence in Cairns," Messenger says.

"Is the Labor Government so out of ideas that they have to fly to Cairns to take credit for something that Jetstar plans to do sometime in the future?" Mr Messenger said.

Jetstar confirmed today that the service is only being talked about at this stage, yet Premier Bligh flew to Cairns to 'announce' that Jetstar is thinking about considering extending their service!

It's amazing, we're now at the pointy end of the election campaign and Labor are hanging out to prop up Demolition Desley's tourism portfolio that is almost in tatters after 5 months of awful Dengue publicity and no State support for a hard rubbish collection.

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