Wednesday 18 March 2009

Harrop says they're falling apart from the inside

LNP Cairns candidate Joel Harrop says Labor is shattering internally, in the last days of the election race.

He cites the sitting Labor member's comments today when Desley Boyle said that Labor MPs would choose who left and stayed in a newly-formed Ministry. Boyle insisted the Labor caucus would choose who departed and stayed in cabinet ranks, not the Premier.

"The Premier would not have it her own way, but we are mindful of her thoughts," Desley Boyle told the Courier Mail. "The caucus have a big say in this. Our groups choose the people they want to go into the ministry."

However, Bligh later said she will pick the best people. "I am determined there will be renewal," she said. "I would personally push ahead with plans for renewal."

"Either Ms Boyle or Bligh is correct. Either way, Labor falling apart from the inside," Joel Harrop says. "There appears to be little cohesion in their ranks."

Boyle has said that if she were to loose the Cairns seat, that enjoys a comfortable 8% margin, the Labor Government would most probably fall to the Coalition. Labor has famously held Cairns continuously for over 100 years.

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