Thursday 19 March 2009

Queensland doesn't rate

Ratings agency Standard and Poors today confirmed Queensland would retain its AA+ rating for at least the next two to three years under Labor.

They said every other Australian State would retain its AAA rating for the same period.

Opposition leader Springborg says the report was 'the final nail in the coffin of Queensland Labor's claim that they are no different from any other State facing the global financial crisis'.

"We have the worst credit rating of any mainland state, and will have under Labor for the next two to three years," he said.

He says that debt is in Labor's DNA, with $64 billion clocked up before the global financial crisis kicked in. Meanwhile, another anti-Anna website has emerged called Anna's Record.


Unknown said...

lets not forget that Peter Costello recently questioned the integrity of ratings agencies such as Standard and Poors

So really ... do we need to take too much notice of them at the moment?

Anonymous said...

Since retiring to the back benches, Peter Costello makes more time to read my blog and the benefits are showing.