Wednesday 18 March 2009

She loves us, she loves us not

Anna Bligh must love Cairns.

It's expected that the Premier will fly back to Cairns this evening - the third visit in as many weeks, and twice in the last 24 hours. She is expected to talk to residents about local concerns for sports facilities.

Labor must be getting desperate to ask Bligh to fly back to Cairns to support her FNQ candidates. Mulgrave LNP's Vic Black says he supports the development of local sporting grounds, however, this desperate ploy smacked of Labor panic.

"For 11 years, Labor has ignored infrastructure needs here and are now engaged in a last-minute ploy to snow the voters once more," Black says. "I urge residents not to get bogged down in the blame game or the antics of the Labor Party.

"We all need to be riveted on the issues which affect us and dictate our future. That's healthcare, economic policies, children’s education, judicial sentencing, to name a few."

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KitchenSlut said...

The front page of today's Courier Mail was interesting for perhaps the most appalling photo of Desley ever published?

More curious was the dispute over cabinet positions within the byzantine ALP architecture in anticipation already of carving up the spoils of a narrow win by the bruvvers of the ALP?

Who was it that said: "If you can't govern yourself you can't govern Queensland"?