Thursday 19 March 2009

Around our Blogs 2

  • KitchenSlut reports about Cairns employment vulnerability and the release of a new index of employment vulnerability by COFFEE (Centre of Full Employment & Equity). Cairns is generally skewed to higher risk categories although, KitchenSlut says it may surprise some that Palm Cove fits in the highest risk category and Mt Peter - on the South of Cairns, is the only suburb in the lowest risk category.

  • News Port Daily, a new Douglas-focused website. Today they look at a heated meeting between residents and the EPA about the removal of bats to be removed. "There is no guarantees the animals will disperse and if they do they will be someone else's problem" the EPA said. Residents were simply encouraged to learn to live with them.

  • Northern Truth, on his continued anti-LNP crusade, says that the Liberals are unhappy with Nationals and are having Election-eve tensions. Lance cites the dumping of truckloads of files and memorabilia from the former Queensland Liberal Party office. This is the respect the Nationals are showing to the proud history of the Queensland Liberal Party, he says. "From day one this was a takeover now the Nationals and their Liberal Party traitors (you know who you are) are wiping out the heritage of our once great Party! This is disgusting and very sad,this farce of a merger must be ended ASAP."

  • Henry's Fosnez Blog is back from Japan and is pissed off with Earth Hour. "It really annoy me," he says. "Instead of doing something for the enviroment (sic) once a year, and only for an hour - here's a thought, change your *daily* impact on the enviroment (sic)." (I'm not sic of Henry's blog though)

  • The Cairns Roast critiques the media's behaviour to the nude Pauline Hanson pics. "They have displayed real taste and integrity when they chose to purchase and display [these]" The Roast warns the pics were heavily censored and are about as thrilling as a packet of wet biscuits.

  • Not The Cairns Post says The Cairns Post is getting confused about Barron River's Steve Wettenhall's position.

  • Syd Walker is disappointed on many fronts, but says there are intelligent and capable Labor politicians in Queensland. "One of them is Environment Minister Andrew McNamara. This is what he said on Wednesday about the Labor Government’s ban on shooting flying foxes."

  • Janine Aitken, former Council candidate and JCU President and my favorite neighbour, says Lawrence The Borg is like Mr T, ready to show people at the Mater’s Children Hospital he’s got no time for da jibba jabba! "But before his press conference could even start he was flanked by those annoying protesters from the Public Sector and there non stop claims that he was going to cut their jobs and put them at risk. The Borg knew he needed help, he looked around, none here could make those nasty protesters go away so he looked deep inside and channeled the voices of the past."

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