Monday 30 March 2009

Bligh's mandate with a message

Following Labor's win at the State polls, I sent a message of congratulations to our local MPs.

Steve Wettenhall was the only one, so far, kind enough to reply.

"Thank you for your congratulatory message Michael," Steve said.

"It was a tremendous result for Labor, achieved in defiance of polls and pundits. But I think we all acknowledge that Anna Bligh has received a 'mandate with a message' and that is - that Queenslanders want Anna Bligh to lead a better government," Wettenhall says.

"I will be doing everything I can to contribute to that outcome, particularly now I have the added responsibility of being the Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism."

I agree with Steve. We do want a better government. One that will genuinely engage and listen to the community.

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