Saturday 14 March 2009

Homo and Away

Cheap trashy TV soap Home and Away is going a bit gay, or lesbian.

A romance between policewoman Charlie Buckton and her new love trawler-worker Joey Collins, is about to hit the early evening screens.

"They share a dance and a kiss, and over the following five weeks their relationship blossoms into love," the report says.

And as expected, family groups have got their straight knickers in a knot, who say the PG-rated show has a big teen following, and shouldn't have such subjects in the programme.

"They continue to market to kids and they continue to develop quite sexualised plot lines," Angela Conway of Pro-Family Perspectives says.

"The plot lines that young kids and teenagers should be presented with should be about really authentic relationships that are not just sexualised."

However actor Esther Anderson, who plays the cheeky lesbian character, said that you learn pretty much everything at school.

"I don't think it's like I'm lifting the lid on something they don't already know about. To me there's no difference - love's love," Esther says. "The fact that your partner's the same sex is no different. You just want to be loved."

Five years ago the long-running Neighbours was attacked when two female schoolgirl characters kissed.


Anonymous said...

The more that popular TV shows and movies include and portray same sex relationships as a regular part of life the sooner narrow mindedness and discrimination will become a thing of the past. Let's hope the that young viewers who are confused about their sexuality will find some consolation in seeing they are not alone and seek advice and support.

Anonymous said...

When the "Gay" issue is tackled on shows of this kind, its nearly always two women, never two blokes. Is this somehow seen as a less confronting way of doing things? If so its a bit gutless, and ultimately sexist.

Anonymous said...

Sicko, I mean shicki, you seem a narrow-minded phobe. So if so-called st8 guys like u wanna see two girls going fir it, wouldn't st8 girls like to see 2 spunky boys doing the same ?

The world is made up of many different people. Learn to respect and embrace all and it will b a better place.

Julie R. Holloways