Wednesday 11 March 2009

Labor, hard at work

  • Hello my name is Jim Theodorou,

    For the last twenty – five years I have owned the BP Service Station at Manly. My service station is located on the corner of Gordon Parade and Ernest Street Manly.

    I also own and operate a charter fishing business (Brisbane Big Cat Charters) in the Redlands, south of Brisbane.

    Today, Wednesday March 4, at 2:02pm I received a phone call from Linda Harnett. Linda is the Campaign Manager for Paul Lucas. She asked me why I was displaying four LNP signs on my property and why I was not supporting ALP as well. She went on to tell me that over 50% of the electorate were ALP supporters and it would be bad for business if I did not at least support both.

    I believed that I had just received a thinly veiled threat to my business viability from Linda and went on the offensive.

    I explained to Linda that I was a member of the Marine Queensland Charter Vessel Division. I told her I was extremely disappointed with the way her government was treating the Charter Operators by leaving them out of the Moreton Bay Marine Park SAP and ignoring the charter sector input throughout the MBMP sham “consultation” process conducted by the EPA.

    Not only would my service station lose customers but I would also lose a tenant (Water Tower Bait and Tackle) through the damage done to the local fishing industry as well as lose my new charter fishing business.

    I explained to Linda my extreme disappointment Paul Lucas had avoided meeting with the MQCVD, even cancelling set appointments and not rebooking other opportunities, but offering up Peter Shooter, an unelected adviser to the EPA Minister.

    I told Linda that I believed her government had become arrogant and it was only concerned in winning the election. I told her that I was sick and tired of being ignored and that I was taking a stand against the ALP. I also told her they might get a shock at the next election.

    There was silence on the phone and I asked if anyone was there. Linda said she was listening. She then informed me that if this was the way I was thinking then maybe she would tell all her ALP supporters not use my service station.

    I was shocked, imagine how desperate the ALP must be if they need to scare one person just to get their way.

    I am writing this letter to all my customers whom I have looked after for many years.

    I am asking for your help and support.

    The last time I looked Queensland was still a Democracy.

    Nobody should be bullied by the ALP or by any other group because of their personal political views.

    Kindest regards
    Jim Theodorou

    Brisbane Big Cat Charters
    ABN: 59 810 671 396
    PO Box 1604 Cleveland QLD 4163
    Mobile: 0433 430 248


KitchenSlut said...

This kind of immature tribal mentality also exists in Cairns. Kitchenslut is an eclectic kind of guy who maintains relationships accross the political spectrum and doesn't understand those who cant?

However, any social strains ALWAYS come from those on the left and most particularly his neighbour who is an organiser for the left faction of the ALP in town.

What to make of someone who pretends to call themselves a 'friend' who then refuses all social contact after an election is called becuase she is ambarrassed to be seen socially with an identity from the opposing party. This despite the fact she was so admiring before the last federal election that she discussed leaving the ALP to support our mutual friend ..... until kevin07 turned the polls around .... talk about fairweather friends .....

Given my concern for her, and enduring friendship on my side at least, I won't name her out of concern that her fears are valid and that she will be torn apart by her ALP tribe if they were aware. I wont even begin to discuss the public service rorts among ALP members of which I am aware from our friendship.

Small minded tribal neanderthals!

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time I have heard of the Labor heavy shit. It may come as a surprise to Laborites that most small business operators are conservatives. Although the demographics are merging fast the days of Labor bullies are all but past. I doubt if any honest person pulling into a servo for fuel, gives a tinkers damn how the owner votes. The burning desire is to get a fix of juice and move on. I have written to Jim to tell him he is not alone and Justice and Democracy still lives in the hearts of the LNP voters.

Anonymous said...

What happened to your "One Nation" membership Rob -
Did the Sunday Mail lingerie pics of Pauline put you off?

Anonymous said...

Stirring stuff from the Horn Blower and General Eclectic.
Two schoolyard dobbers who use their hurt feelings as a summary for the state of a party...

Anonymous said...

Not at all Artie.

I am still a member.
I recognised immediately that those photos were not of my favourite “Joan of Arc”, political “Dragon Slayer” and Champion of the people. I believe she will romp in Beaudesert.

Guts, determination, persistence, high moral standard, character are all things I admire in people like myself.

Rob Williams, a Justice of the Peace in the state of Queensland.

Anonymous said...

I noticed Rob failed to mention the appalling lack of democracy and accountability that existed within "One Notion"
Hitler was another that thought he had guts, determination, persistance and the high moral standard.