Thursday 2 September 2010

CAIRNS FESTIVAL: Where art thou Art o Mat?

And now for something completely different!

So, just how does one collect art $5 at a time?

Easy! Just visit the Southern Hemisphere’s first Art-o-mat machine that arrives in Cairns today as part of Cairns Festival celebrations. And after the Festival is over, it will remain here as our own art vending machine.
Mayor of Cairns Regional Council, Val Schier unveiled the machine and vend the first art piece today.

This shiny new, re-purposed vending machine is packed with creativity, bearing 400 diminutive, original works-of-art from the world over. And everyone is invited to come in, take a look and start collecting.

"Each of the 90+ Art-o-mat machines in existence are works of art themselves," says Cairns Festival producer, Eric Holowacz. "We're proud that Cairns is now home to Australia’s first affordable art dispensing machine – just days after the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC gets its first."

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Cairns Regional Council will soon offer workshops to encourage local artists to make vendible works and become part of the Art-o-mat network.

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