Thursday 5 August 2010

God works in mysterious ways, and she wants your vote

The Australian Christian Lobby is running candidate forums in marginal seats across the country for the Federal election.

The Leichhardt forum will be held on Thursday 12th August, at 6:30 pm, at the Cairns Baptist Church, 138 Lake Street.

It's unsure what candidates will be attending at this stage, but if you'd like a good dose of right-wing extreme conservatism, with a sprinkling of happy clapping, this could be just the event for you.

Issues on the agenda include...
  • Public Christianity (freedom of religion and prayer in parliament);
  • International justice (overseas aid, refugees, religious security)
  • Poverty (homelessness and housing affordability, taxation considerations)
  • Life (cloning, euthanasia, abortion, abortion data)
  • Youth and Education (chaplaincy, youth unemployment, national curriculum, school funding)
  • Family (marriage, parenting, surrogacy and ART)
  • Sexualisation of children (classification, internet safety)
  • Environment (climate change)
  • Justice (Sharia law, Human Rights Act)
  • Indigenous issues (Indigenous welfare)


Spiritus said...

Infinite Love is the only Truth, everything else is an illusion.



:John: Babet

Curious said...

@ Spiritus

Any chance of you finding another blog to post this bullshit?

Or maybe you could get yourself down to Townsville and knock on a few doors?

Spiritus said...

Brother Curious, ever heard of free speech, and why pick on Bulls, what about Ostrich Shite... seems that there's plenty of that here without going south.

:John: Babet

CaptainKuhle said...

Sorry to dissapoint, but I've been to some of these, and there usually isn't any 'right-wing extreme conservatism'. Just ordinary people exercising their democratic right to talk to their elected representatives. Fishing interest groups have that right, mining interest groups have that right, you have that right - and so does everyone else. So sorry to dissapoint ...