Friday 14 August 2009

Desley made me do it

Today Bryan Law will face the prosecution, in a hearing set down for the entire day, at the Cairns Magistrates Court.

In the months leading up to the State election, a massive community uprising culminated after almost seven years of anger from locals passionate to save their beloved 100-year-old Cairns Yacht Club, that was demolished by the Queensland Labor Government.

11,000 residents signed a petition, and a number of protesters took to stop the destruction of the historic iconic building that had seen two world wars and thousands of community dances and introduced many a muso to the Far North.

Bryan Law took to the streets prior to the March election to again force the Labor Member for Cairns to debate the issue and be held accountable for her part in not listening to the people.

He gave Desley Boyle's election signed a golden tiara with the words "Yacht Club". It created much discussion, but no protest at the time of the election from the candidate running for re-election.

In fact on the 12th March, Desley Boyle said "I'm happy to use my signs".

"When you put political pictures up, you have to expect some people may take liberties with them," she said at the time.

No complaint was laid while the signs were of use. None were removed from the roadsides until after the election. However, the week after Boyle was re-elected with a reduced minority, Police Constable Wayne Soles served Bryan with a summons to appear in court on wilful damage, following a complaint by Labor Party member Colin McKenzie.

Today Bryan Law will face the prosecution, who will present seven witnesses, including Cairns Post photographer Chris Hyde and journalist Thomas Chamberlain.

Bryan will prove that the signs are Desley's, not the Labor Party, who laid the complaint.

It should be a hoot. The games kick off at 10am in the Cairns Magistrates Court, and Bryan will call his witnesses after a cheap lunch at 2pm.

The Wharf Street Yacht Club site is still empty and fenced off, after being devalued by 10 million dollars, with no planned use or buyer in sight. The remains of the ruined building still lies in disrepair in a paddock somewhere in Smithfield, 25 kilometers from the waterfront.

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Ho hum jail the bum ,not for this , but for his actions during the us warships visit .