Sunday 30 August 2009

CBD lane closures public meeting

Following hysteria from the ever-flappable John Mackenzie on his morning 45CA radio show about possible lane closures within the Cairns CBD, a community meeting has been called this Wednesday evening.

According to the meeting organiser, Barry Neall of the Residents Against Crime group, the lane closures are being carried out without any public consultation.

"No businesses or residents are being consulted," Neall says. "It is felt that any changes of this nature should involve all interested parties."

However, Mayor Schier has said on Mackenzie's show that consideration for improving inner-city roads are being discussed by the Council.

The local reaction followed a degree of outrage from the conversion of McLeod Street, in front of Cairns Central, into a single land to accommodate angle parking. However, the former Cairns City Council had this planned for some time before the work was commenced last year.

Barry Neall says that the meeting will address other issues of community concern if time permits.

When: Wednesday, 7pm
Where: De-Jarlais Pavilion, Cairns Showground, Mulgrave Road
Contact: Telephone 0438 111 722 or email

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