Wednesday 26 August 2009

Feng Shui master dobs in the Cairns Post

Following Saturday's "news story" in our weekend paper, when they got renown Feng Shui Master Jodi Brunner to interpret faces, she claims then Post mis-represented her.

"I'd like to add that the newspaper [Cairns Post] did exaggerate somewhat on what I said," Jodi Brunner told CairnsBlog.

"I regret that the Mayor was taken in that light in order to get a few extra ratings for the newspaper."

"I actually thought the Mayor was a lovely lady and had a lot of nice qualities. I was not particularly critical of her," Brunner said, following a heavily-edited interview in the weekend Cairns Post.

"Other favourable comments I made about her [the Mayor] were not included."


col riddell said...

Reading faces is no big deal ,I saw alan blake at the bannana rally and by looking at his face I knew straight away he was a wanker !

Matt Heirink said...

Pity she couldn't have read Sno Bonneau's face but he never shows it in public.

Al said...

And I saw Sno Bonneau once and I knew his name was Max - and that he was a shifty egotistical self-serving failed newsagent.

Maximinus the 3rd said...

Sno is good at going broke. He does have a track record. He in the late 90's operated a business called 'Focus on Gifts' in Lake St. Had to close the business owing Japanese Daikyo about $30,000 in unpaid rent. It would be interesting to find out if he paid them or if it was forgiven when he became a Cairns City Councillor in 1995? Perhaps the CMC could make an enquire or two.