Tuesday 11 August 2009

Police praise liquor operation

The arrest of a Cairns man for selling liquor without a licence has received acknowledgement from the top cop.

Cairns Police District Officer Superintendent Brent Carter says he hopes the charges would deter other who are quick to take advantage of the underprivileged.

“Individuals such as these just make the plight of those stricken by alcoholism even more difficult - not only for the individual, but for Police and all the other government and non government services out their trying to help,” Brent Carter said.

"The unlawful activity of people who prayed on the weaknesses of the homeless and disadvantaged would not be tolerated. Police Officers who worked on this operation have my full support. If we are to combat alcohol related problems in Cairns then we must be prepared to be proactive in our approach.”

Carter says that Cairns liquor retailers have adopted a voluntary code of conduct whereby the sale of cask wine is restricted to after 4pm.

"This partnership came about as a result of an identified need to address the incidence of alcohol related problems in the city area," Carter says.


Derek Hanks said...
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Derek Hanks, South Cairns said...

Who is the media tart in Cairns police who demands that his name be put on media releases? He just wants his next promotion and to move on away from Cairns. His wife, also a police officer, has confirmed this with comments she has made to other staff.
The big issue relating to policing in Cairns is there is not enough staff to attend basic calls for service, (assaults, domestics, traffic accidents etc) let alone be pro-active. The reason this liquor offence got done was there was extra officers in town for the Pacific Island Forum, otherwise it would never have got the attention it did. The police officer concerned demanded his name be put on the media release arrest for the fatal traffic accident at Mossman a few weeks ago, when he had absolutely nothing to do with the investigation or charges being preferred. The DDO and bike squad positions at Cairns station are the laughing stock of the OPERATIONAL police. One of the DDOs  has had two speed camera tickets (one in their private car, one in a police car) run a red light, collided wit another police car causing serious damage to two police vehicles, and then breached protocol having both vehicles moved back to Cairns station.

Come on, mate, how about looking after General Duties, so they can look after the people of Cairns. Stop kissing the backsides of politicians so you get your next promotion and do the right thing for a change.