Tuesday 11 August 2009

Scotland to Advise Queensland on Sale

According to Malcolm Scott and Jesse Riseborough at the Hinterland Voice, Anna is up to some secret little games, and she's not telling us about it.

Rothschild, Merrill Lynch and Royal Bank of Scotland have been appointed by Australia's Queensland state to advise it on asset sales that are expected to reap about A$15 billion ($12.2 billion). The state, whose economy contracted in the past two quarters, is seeking to sell its entire coal railroad network and two export ports to make up an expected revenue shortfall. The Abbot Point coal terminal, the Port of Brisbane, the state's coal railroad business and other assets are for sale, Premier Anna Bligh told the state's parliament last month.

Strong economic position The worst recession since World War II has also prompted Babcock & Brown Infrastructure Group to consider bids for Queensland's Dalrymple Bay port, the nation's second-biggest coal export terminal. BHP Billiton Ltd. and Xstrata Plc are among producers in Australia's biggest coal-shipping state. "This is about ensuring that the Queensland economy emerges from the current economic conditions in a strong position to drive the future growth and job creation opportunities for both the State and national economies," Bligh said in an e-mailed statement today naming the advisers.

Queensland, the nation's third-most populous state, needs to sell the assets to help fill an estimated A$14 billion slump in revenue over the next four years as the recession crimps government earnings. Selling the assets means the state will avoid a further A$12 billion of required investment over the next five years, Bligh said.

Coal Prices Queensland Rail is Australia's largest coal transporter, operating 550 coal services a week from 56 mines in two states. It also runs Queensland's passenger train network. In the 2008 fiscal year,

Queensland Rail hauled 184 million metric tons of coal. Abbot Point, Australia's northernmost coal port, is located 25 kilometres (16 miles) north of Bowen and has an annual capacity of 25 million tons. The terminal is operated by the Australian coal unit of Xstrata, the world's biggest exporter of power-station coal. Abbot Point shipped 12.5 million tons of coal and handled 169 ships in the 2008 fiscal year, according to the Ports Corp. of Queensland. The Port of Brisbane is the nation's biggest exporter of beef and cotton, handling about half of the country's exports for both commodities, according to the port's Web site.

The state is also seeking to sell Queensland Motorways Ltd. and Forest Plantations Queensland, Bligh said last month.


Hinterland Voice said...

Good to see you re-posted this here Michael.

The revelation by Bligh that she has engaged the Rothschild international banking corporation, together with Merril Lynch, et al, to "advise" her on the sale of Queensland assets - assets that belong to us, the people - without our permission, has shocked the people of Queensland into the undeniable realisation that this action has indelibly stamped her as nothing more than yet another Rothschild puppet.

The banking firm of Rothschild Australia commenced business openly in Australia only within the last 20 years or so - though it has had significant influence in Australian political and economic affairs long before that - and they openly stated, on the telephone to me - that its only form of business in Australia was to lend money "only to governments and government departments" throughout Australia.

If you doubt this, simply do what I did - ring them up and ask them. Now those who are familiar with the 240-year-old history of the House of Rothschild will know of the famous statement of its founder, Frankfurt banker Mayer Amschel Bauer, who changed his name to Rothschild (Red Shield), "give me the control of the credit of a nation, and I care not who writes it's laws." He also went on to loan money to Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the notorious Order of the Illuminati, which name is taken from Lucifer, "holder of the light," and whose one goal is the destruction and dismantling of all governments and religions, to be replaced by a one world government, under the auspices of "United Nations." Their goal is the destruction of all governments and religions throughout the world, with Christianity to be the prime target. (See our DVD, The Money Masters, and Audio, Illuminati - CFR.)

The recent results of a survey published in the Sunday Mail of 02-08-2009 showed that Bligh's government has slipped inexorably into absolute disgrace, and would certainly be annihilated if an election were to be held any time soon - partly because of (a) its totally corrupted system, (b) its gross incompetence - Anna Bligh is totally out of her depth, and has no idea, notwithstanding her slick-talking in front of the TV cameras - (c) its decision to deliberately poison our water supply with the deadly sodium fluoride without our permission, and (d) its decision to sell off our assets - not hers - again without our permission, to foreign bodies, thus progressively leaving us, the people of Queensland, without any assets whatsoever, and living as slaves in our own state, which we the people, have lived
and worked in and developed up over the last 150 years. Bligh has arrogantly stated that she is going ahead with these plans, whether we like it or not! This is nothing short of fascism!

Is the Opposition any better? Anna Bligh has been known to be an arrogant, slick-talking, lefty-trendysocialist agitator ever since her days in university, and she has not changed one iota since then.

The other major problem however, is what is the opposition doing about this? The answer is, nothing! Frankly, I don't see a leader amongst them either - not one! The people of Queensland are in deep, deep trouble. I've been trying to get an appointment with the LNP State Leader, Mr. McIver to get them to join us in an injunction to stop Anna Bligh in her tracks, but was asked "are you a member of the LNP?" When I said that I was not a member of any party, they immediately lost interest. It appears that one must become a member of their party first, then they will - or may - condescend to speak with you!

Thaddeus said...

The party which happily sold off TELSTRA when it was on the verge of our greatest technological revolution (and hence profits), the LNP, would have done exactly and precisely the same thing, Hinterland Voice. This is the party which led the charge in the 1970s and 80s that "private enterprise is better than Government enterprise." Let's not get carried away at all thinking the LNP would support socialist industries.
I agree the decision to sell off State assets is a bad one. Studies are showing that in the Western economies where "privatisation of Government industries" has been widely carried out since the 1980s, capital which previously went into risk taking and innovatiion, is now tied up in "safe" public utility type industries. The shareholders are reaping massive rewards from these "safe" investments while the lack of capital to finance RISK is seeing the decline of new industries and hence the decline of Western economies.

Sir Humphrey said...

Dear Thaddeus and Hinterland,

Having a moan about which political party would do what is unfortunately counter productive at the moment as neither are prepared to do what a sensible government should. That is manage and improve the assets they are elected to maintain on behalf of us, their owners.
I like that insight Thaddeus regarding where capital is being shunted and the flip side is that governments that hold on to those assets will reap those same benefits. Hinterland - you are left fielding there a bit but I hear you loud and clear on the Rothschilds. My view is far more mundane i.e. they are just a bunch of greedy shits and these dropkick pollies are hawking their collective forks(in this case used as slang for "crutch") with our silverware!! Bring back Guy Fawkes the only man who entered parliament with honest intentions!

Thaddeus said...

Sir Humphrey....There is a fundamental political ideology here at stake (and you know it) "Socialism refers to various theories of economic organization advocating state, public or common worker (through cooperatives) ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods..." (Wikipedia). State ownership and control is SOCIALISM.
I have listened and watched Joh Bjelke-Petersen and his supporters rant against socialism for decades.
It galls me to see them now turn about face and screech for State ownership.

Alison Alloway said...

Yes, Thaddeus, there are ideological, political and economic issues here at stake. (The average Joe Blo in this country wouldn't have a clue what these mean either.) When I look at the economic mess in the USA, and the "global financial crisis", I am reminded of an old Asian saying, "A bird flies on two wings." Capitalism works best with Government control and intervention. Our economies function best with the "two wings".
Incidentally, Rothschilds have a stake in the Credit Rating Agencies,although just how much influence they have, I can't find out. Personally, I believe we are experiencing massive global financial criminality, the like of which we have never ever experienced.