Friday 7 August 2009

Watching Kyle

I've never been much of a fan of breakfast in-ya-face radio, and TV for that matter.

So this week's sacking of Kyle and Jackie O on the 2Day FM show, was a welcome relief. Many North Queenslander don't even know who these folk are, and of course don't tune in.

I'm glad that the moral outrage following their prank last week by cornering a 14 year old asking about her sexual exploits by her mother, were exposed for what they were: trash and gutter. It's like we've reached a low point in the so-called 'reality' themed entertainment that commercial networks, both radio and TV continue to dish up and the dumb public consume it lock, stock and barrel.

For more than 10 years now, we've endured this appalling 'reality' syndrome from Big Brother to every game show or talent quest that votes each week, from dating shows, dance, to the latest chef craze. They're all designed for you to call in the 1900 number to "vote", but it's simply to pay em the big bucks, millions per show.

The final nail in Kyle and Jackie O's radio show, was the last in a long line up of trashy and distasteful stunts.

If you thought asking a 14 year old girl about her sexual habits on air was inappropriate, they bought the house down by taunting another young lass to the extreme when they flew her long lost friend all the way to Australia, and threatened they'd send her back without seeing her best mate. Media Watch unveiled the story this week.

They've been up to these antics for a long while and it's about time the company and producers behind such radio shows takes the fall as well. After all, they allowed and sanctioned this to go live on air, and have done so for years.

Media like radio and TV, not forgetting newspapers, think they're a law under themselves, however they need their viewers, readers and listeners to survive. It's a mutual relationship and both are dependent on each other.

So much mainstream media and commercial broadcasting has become a pig fest that has zero talent and little appeal. It's produced in 5 minutes, with little thought and skill and passed off as entertainment. Those that support and tune in, are a shareholder and simply get what they deserve.

Maybe we should have a clean out of some local Cairns radio?


Char Paul said...

I don't listen to breakfast radio because it hardly ever seems relative to my life.

Mel & Kochi (i work from home) share tips on self-employment strategies during the recession, that I can then share with my friends, that's why I tune in.

~ Char (PSI Tutor:Mentor)

Alison Alloway said...

Oh for a return to the REAL entertainment - TV shows like the American serials "Lonesome Dove" and "Roots". Or British historical sagas like "Poldark" and "The Onedin Line" and Australian historical sagas like "Gone With the Wind."