Saturday 22 August 2009

Politics: the art of communication

Former Cairns Councillor Ross Parisi says it's a pity more Councillors don't contribute to CairnsBlog.
"Particularly those that are under the spotlight, do not take up the opportunity to contribute to articles highlighted by CairnsBlog," Ross Paris says.

"At least 15,000 hits are made every week, and it's a medium that as such is expanding in popularity. Its access is readily available and with no direct financial cost to those that read it, it is a avenue to public policy and affairs."

Parisi says it's common knowledge that most, if not all Councillors, read CairnsBlog, yet they are reticent to contribute at least under their real name.
"Their lack of contributions only adds to the smouldering suspicions and the ridicule that is attributed to them. It is undignified to the office they occupy," Parisi says.

"Politics is the art of communication. Councillors have a golden opportunity to utilise this forum as a means of communication. Inertia, laziness and ignorance has taken refuge with some of the elected members, particularly those that are approaching their use by date. Their arrogance does not endear them well especially with the general public."

"Councillors, would find that if they were more open with the public, less secretive and took them into their confidence, they would go a long way in regaining/earning the respect of the public. The public is tolerant, understanding and usually can live with hard unpopular decision, provided the deliberations are made public and explained."

"The unpopularity of the Cairns Regional Council does not stop with the Mayor. The Councillors are not excluded and are a contributing part of the problem. The solution is within their grasp."

NB: Councillor Linda Cooper responded to a story yesterday, as the new Chair of Finance and Administration. Paul Gregory posted his first comment on CairnsBlog recently.


Alison Alloway said...

Well said Ross. This Blog has exposed an entire plethora of unpopular Council decisions mostly involving development applications. The sheer level of comments indicates a good deal of public angst out there.
You are correct in that we the public may accept those decisions more readily if we were kept better informed. Most of us lay people have little or no knowledge of by-laws, Local Government regulations blah blah so we don't understand what Councillors can do and what THEY CANNOT DO. The sad truth is by keeping this information to themselves, the Councillors stand every chance of being soundly defeated next election.
Oh...and it should go without saying that people don't want to be bamboozled by jargon and legalese...we want things explained in simple, easy to understand language. I note Ross has no difficulties with this!!!

nocturnal congress said...

Now that Crs Gregory and Cooper have braved the blogosphere and taken first steps into cairnsblog, will there be any more Councillors posting well thought out responses? Surely Crs Gregory and Cooper have now made it "safe to do so"? It remains to be seen I guess.

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

It's great councillors get involved, especially when postings relate to them. I think the post from Linda Cooper the other day re the issue of allocating offices cut to the chase, & deterred a whole lot of misinformation & gossip. Congrats Coops. And not to forget, apart from Paul Gregory, Rob Pyne has long been a contributor to the Blog - in fact, what with all his own media efforts, Rob seems to be an excellent communicator.
I think Di Forsyth has thrown in a couple of comments too.
A shame Val hasn't included a blog facility on her own website - I've looked at it a couple of times & it's a pretty bland "all is fine in Cairns & we have everything under control" - when we know they haven't, & it isn't.
I consider that most of the Oz population are totally & ridiculously sick of spin - we can hear & smell it from miles off. So, clear succinct communication such as Coops made the other day is a breath of fresh air.
It's also an indication of how far the ComPost has sunk into a journalistic morass, in terms of how little information is transmitted in that paper - just enough to keep the ads apart, it would seem.