Tuesday 11 August 2009

Prick a Pollie

Clint Betts, Helen Anne Jackson, Wendy Richardson, Jasmina Owczarek, Katrina Breen, Vickie Farquhar with some LNP friends.

A bunch of politicians, and aspiring politicians, lined up at the Red Cross Blood Service as part of the national campaign to raise the level of blood donations.
Prick a Pollie hasn't been held in Cairns for a few years.
This year the Blood Service can only accept plasma, due to the Swine flu outbreak in the region. Plasma is separated from the red blood cells in whole blood donations. Donors can also donate plasma, however this process takes up to 45 minutes, whereas a whole blood donation is only about 15 minutes.
I wonder if you can stipulate which politician your donation is from, when you need it in the operating theatre?
You can call 13 14 95 or make an appointment online.


Sir Humphrey said...

Dear Michael,

Just tooooooo tempting I simply cannot voice opinion on this without being deleted!!

Maybe I was misled said...

Speaking of pollies out of 397 pollies that we voted for .
An interesting but maybe meaningless fact was thay only these ten used their middle names for some reason ?
Name on Ballot Paper: PITT, Curtis Warren

WELLINGTON, Peter William Nicklin
THOMSON, Raymond William Hinchinbrook
SPIERS, Bruce Roland Sunnybank
SPENCER, Ruth Barbara Ashgrove
LANGBROEK, John-Paul LNP Surfers Paradise
MACDONALD, Maria Constance GRN Burdekin
WEBB, Jesse Alexander FFP Mansfield
CROFT, Peta-Kaye (P.K.) ALP Broadwater
NOAH, Lesley Alexandra Springwood
If it had some purpose you would have to wonder what?