Friday 7 August 2009

No cuts at Cairns Base

Following my story on Monday, District Chief Executive Officer Julie Hartley-Jones of the Cairns and Hinterland Health Service District emailed me.

"[We] have a responsibility to manage public money efficiently and well," Julie Hartley-Jones wrote.

"Like any other organisation in the current economic climate, the Cairns and Hinterland District, including Cairns Base Hospital, must ensure it remains within its allocated budget. There are NO plans to implement 10 per cent cuts to the budget across the District but the District does intend to operate within its allocated budget."

However, when you look through the raft of comments you seem to get a very different story from Queensland Health employees and staff.

I wonder what is spin and what is trying to be hidden by the financially destitute State Labor Government?


allied stealth said...

Love to know what date this email had on it , as no one in public street other than the heads that were asked to sort out who has to go , knew about the 5% to 10% staff cuts , it is in BOLD the 10% ? any chance mr godwin grech from canberra has franchised his email secret ?
Was it dated before you broke the story mike and have you done what we all hoped ? exposed their dirty plan and now they are back tracking?>

CBD Warrior said...

So Michael Moore "breaks a big story" claiming "10% staff cuts at Cairns Base". A story NO OTHER MEDIA can find. Management at Cairns Base TELLS YOU IT'S WRONG.

And you call them liars.

That's the best ya got, mate?

allied stealth said...

"10 per cent cuts to the budget across the District " is not the same as 5% to 10% staff cuts you tool!

Worrier about CBD said...

yeah CBD Warrior.. it was as dramatic that story like printing photos of councillor Blake's wee red MX5 parked at the chicks place from council all night long and playing the games trying to set Schier up. no story at all?

Paul said...

Hartley-Jones missive to staff at the Base was a masterpiece of spin where by denying the ten percent story she unwittingly confirmed it.

I think CBD wottsit may be your official Government appointed shill Mike.

Allied Stealth said...

CBD wrong again!
Mike broke this story and it still is being ignored by other media outlets ,I know for a fact the story is deadly accurate !
It is as a result that anna slighs government is broke ,if you listened to "macca" yesterday you would know as the state opposition leader stated that the money from the sale of the airport has NOT been put aside for the hospital !
And he was sitting opposite from the treasurer when he heard this !
So well done mike for exposing this discgrace.