Saturday 1 August 2009

Your weekend Tube treat

In a little over a week. more than 13 million have viewed this crazy wedding entrance from Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Seven bridesmaids, five groomsmen, and four ushers danced their way up the isle to Chris Brown's Forever.

After beating up his former girlfriend Rihanna in February, Brown’s career was in tatters, and his songs were pulled from radio playlists, however things changed overnight after a Minnesota couple’s wedding entrance video became the latest YouTube sensation: “JK Wedding Entrance Dance” featuring his song.

Jill Peterson and Kevin Heinz held their wedding in a small Saint Paul church in Minnesota, however their ceremony was hardly serious. The video features the couple’s wedding party, as well as the bride and groom, making their way to the front of the church dancing to “Forever.”

The wedding party choreographed the moves, including a somersaulting groom.

Nielsen SoundScan says that digital sales of "Forever" jumped from 3,000 to 50,000 a week when the video was posted.

Jill and Kevin have become new-found national celebrities, and appeared on the Today Show last week, recreating the dance.

Brown must have approved his song being used, as he just posted a video apologising for the violent assault against his then girlfriend, for which he has six months community service, and domestic violence counseling to deal with.

Kevin and Jill have now set up a website, and ask for donations towards violence prevention, following Chris Brown's conviction. You can even email them!
"We have been through a lot in life, but have come through each experience stronger and more in love with each other," Kevin says. "Our experience since we posted the video has been incredible. We would never have expected this response to our wedding entrance in a million years."
"We hope to direct this positivity to a good cause. Due to the circumstances surrounding the song in our wedding video, we have chosen the Sheila Wellstone Institute [for donations]."

"Never stop dancing," Kevin and Jill said.

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Anonymous said...

Only in America!
A beautiful example of how love conquers all. These joyful people have set a very high standard for all to follow and I'm thinking there will be a quite a few copy cats.
Not a size 8 or 10 among them all solid hard working folk. What a triumph for happiness.
God who ever He/she is would surely be very proud.