Saturday 8 August 2009

Empty Polls

Have you noticed that every poll published either in the Cairns Post, or on their website, never ever include how many voted?
I mean, if only three people clicked a poll, for instance, it would show that 25% / 75% voted each way.
It makes a huge difference if 500 vote or 20, otherwise such an opinion poll is meaningless, if you don't know the number of people that have expressed a view on the subject. A surf around a number of NewsLtd websites, and the same trick is played out - numbers who vote are withheld. Maybe they simply make them up themselves.
It's rather disingenuous of a newspaper that wants to be credible, publishing poll results like this.


CBD Warrior said...

Michael Moore sez: "I mean, if only three people clicked a poll, for instance, it would show that 25% / 75% voted each way."

You're a moron, aren't you.

Maths not your strong suit. Nor English grammar, nor science, nor normal human sexual relationships.

Constance Lloyd said...

CBD Warrior

What is it about you right of centre commentors and bloggers?

You seem to have a fixation with Mike's sexuality and take every opportunity to make comment st every opportunity. Either secret desires or a crush on Mike me thinks!

And we have that other Cairns based blogger who seems to like publishing THAT topless picture of the former LNP leader at every opportunity.

Blog Reader said...

I must admit that when I see a post in the comments area from that CBD wanker I now don't bother reading it. It is nearly always unintelligent nasty crap as can be seen in the comments above.

macca attack said...

cbd warrior "sexual relationships " are not when you stick it in someone elses wife!

CBD Warrior said...

Macca attack,

It's completely acceptable when they beg for it. .

Syd Walker said...

CBD Warrior certainly has a vivid imagination. But rape fantasies are rather full-on for a family blog at Sunday lunchtime.

Keep it clean man, if that's what you are.

Anonymous said...

CBD Warrior you must have caught swine flu or do you just have a hair caught in the back of your throat.
Go polish the wheels on your status symbols and count the notches on your bed head then have a bex and lay down for the rest of the decade.
Please see a psychologist before you hurt yourself!

Suzy Jay (neighbour of his girlfriend) said...

Amazing how dumb councillor Blake still loves commenting on this blog. mind you, he has heaps of extra time on his hands now that his collegues all voted him out of the finance committee job.

a man with a failed business record like him, should never have been allowed near the purse strings of Council.

Blogster said...

I remember when the Cairns Post did publish those numbers, and if my memory serves me right, they hardly ever exceeded 75 respondents. I don't know why they even bother running a poll.