Friday 7 August 2009

Jeans day

Today is Jeans for Jeans day, that aims to raise funds for research into genetic childhood disorders at the Children's Medical Research Institute in Sydney.
It's a little too warm to don a heavy pair of jeans in North Queensland, we really need an alternative.


Gina said...

I disagree.

Wore jeans all day today with no discomfort whatsoever.

I like the play on words, and if it helps to make people consider contributing towards research into genetically linked childhood illnesses, i think it's a good thing.

Unknown said...

Mike, there is an alternative ... Huggies have made nappies that look like jeans ...

Im sure if we can stitch a few together then it would be comfortable

debbie said...

no alternative required.
same here... wore jeans all day quite comfortably and a jumper at times too BECAUSE IT'S WINTER.