Thursday 20 August 2009

Flat deck truck wanted for Saturday Parade

The Festival Cairns organisers are after a flat deck truck for the Grand Parade on Saturday night.

It needs to be large enough for Johno's four piece band.

If you can help, please call Belinda on 4044 3593, 0407 966 530 or Pip 0419 681543 


CBD Warrior said...

For Johno?

They should be looking for a garbage truck. His pathetic appearance on the street these days, hat in hand, banging out the same chords for every "song" he busks, is an embarrassment to the community.

Someone should get this guy into detox or a home.

Factfinder said...

Howcome I just knew that the one denigrating comment to this blog would be from you...

CBD Warrior, you don't know what you are talking about. And even when people make an effort to inform you, you don't listen. That's your problem.

You are either ignorant or jealous.

KitchenSlut said...

Kitchenslut is gambling averse!

However if CBD Warrior is prepared to provide a sound meter I am happy to wager on crowd response to Johnno being above the average or some other metric?

Absent of course unscheduled diversions like tits, vulva's, streakers and pierced penises?

KitchenSlut said...

OK! Kitchenslut will go out on a limb! If anyone can arrange agreeable fair sound meters he will wager $5,000 against CBD Warrior that the Johnno float will score above average crowd response with funds from the loser donated to the Haralds House youth refuge fund?

Wendy said...

Stop squabbling children, just donate the use of a truck.

Former Harald Flage "Client" said...

$5000 for this Harald character?

Now there's a freak that should be investigated.

Nicky J said...

Anyone with an iPhone can turn it into a sound meter with a free app, SoundLevel:

Steven Nowakowski said...

Johno is a living legend of this town. How many other entertainers/personalities have stuck it out for this long in this town. He plays music because he loves it and he lives in Cairns because he loves it. I think he is a fixture of Cairns entertainment community. Go Johno.! And by the way he a nice bloke. Have a chat to him one day (watch out for his spit though).