Thursday 13 August 2009

Stomp the Nard, isn't on the Nard

Stomp the CLUB is the official Stomp the Nard pre-party and fund-raiser, and it's on at Fabric (old Soho) Saturday 22nd, however it's only for 18 years and over.

The initial Stomp the Nard in April saw around 3,500 come along.

Both Stomp events are put on by the Cairns Regional Council and Evident Entertainment, with Dj A.N.G, Montaj, ThreeSixFive, AMAJ, Stylin Techniques and other performers.

For more info, contact 0408 264 356 or StompMail them.
Stomp the Nard kicks off at 6pm, Sunday 23rd August, open to everyone. It's on at City Place, so technically the title is a breach of the Trade Practices Act.


Unknown said...

Wherever Stomp is on it rocks!!

Tanya Brooks-Cooper said...

The Nard couldn't hold them! They are tooo big!! I can't wait!

Angelo Saliba said...

Lol @ Breach of the "Trade Practices Act". Technically your far from correct lol.

Stomp gets moved because it keeps outgrowing its venues. Thanks for all the positive feedback.