Sunday 30 August 2009

State signs off on Edmonton Town Centre development

Cairns Regional Council can now move ahead on the next stage of the proposed Edmonton Town Centre, after the Minister for Infrastructure and Planning today signed off on the
first of two planning scheme amendments.

Minister Stirling Hinchliffe says that the first of the amendment finalises the proposed Edmonton Centre as a key sub-regional centre.

The second proposes the necessary planning framework for the centre’s detailed design and is
currently undergoing a State interest check.

"Once approved by the State Government, scheme amendment will be available through the Cairns Regional Council for public inspection and comment," Stirling Hinchliffe says. "Council could now adopt the first amendment and continue to plan a vibrant Edmonton Town Centre."

The new centre is to meet the massive population growth in the Southern corridor of Cairns.

“As the Far North Queensland Regional Plan recognises, we must plan for jobs, limit urban sprawl, and protect Queensland’s unique environment. This amendment also complements the objectives of the structure planning process for nearby Mount Peter, currently being undertaken by the Council.’’

The town centre will be off Mill Road on the western side of the highway, in the area known as Mann’s Farm.

Local State Labor member for Mulgrave Curtis Pitt welcomes the move.

“Council is ensuring the Edmonton Town Centre will become a community focal point for new jobs and housing south of Cairns."

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Ross Parisi said...

The West side of the Highway won through with the announcement of the Edmonton Town Centre.

This site had been in the mix for a number of years. The Mann family are an influential entity and retain community gate keepers status. Furthermore their cane farm is surrounded by suburbia.

The Pregno family holdings own a major part of the eastern side of the highway and staked a claim with a fair amount of publicity for their holdings to be the Edmonton Town Centre. They missed out. I am wondering if a trade off was given to them for missing out?

I believe the Eastern side of the Highway from Swallow Road to Thompson Rd and further South is prime agricultural land and should always remain agricultural.

If the authorities are to heed the Climate change prognosis relating to the variation of rainfall, this land will be the food basket for the Cairns Greater Region. With an abundance of underground water this area will prove ideal.

Lets hope the Cairns Regional Council Planners appreciate the significance of the retention of prime agricultural land close to large urban centre.