Saturday 22 August 2009

Quickie exposes himself

The notorious 'Quickie' who posts regularly on CairnsBlog, has been exposed as a hate-ridden distraught angry poster.

In an email to a Council employee this week, he writes "I am not Dennis Quick. Both Dennis and myself have made this clear previously on Moore's blog."

"I don't like Blake, I just don't like Michael Moore more-so. Moore is a vindictive little creep who will fabricate something out of nothing to get at someone he has a vendetta against.

Quickie went on to claim that I altered the time on the photos of Blake's car outside Kerrie [Hull's] place. "I have proof," he exclaims.

This is in reference to my story in May when I published photographs showing that Council Communications Manager Kerie Hull was holding private undisclosed meetings with Councillor Alan Blake. For the record, the car was parked inside Hull's driveway, not outside.

"I am a supporter of the truth, not Blake. Sorry for the misunderstanding and I should cease posting under the name Quickie - I only use that name because of Moore's hatred of Bryne and [Dennis] Quick," Quickie writes.

Actually, I have a rather good dialogue with Dennis Quick, Bynre's former executive assistant and LNP member. We've even enjoyed coffee together on more than one occasion. I actually enjoy his political dialogue and respect his point of view. Dennis has told me previous he is not the Quickie behind the one on the Blog.

You wouldn't believe, but just last week, a Council parking officer chatted with me outside Cairns Central. Evidently she's a regular follower of CairnsBlog. Who would have thought.

"I know who Quickie is and he's like an old woman," she said. She wouldn't disclose anything else other than to say he was a "good mate of Councillor Blake." No surprises there.

After nearly a year of anonymous writing on CairnsBlog as 'Factman' prior to the 2008 Council election, I exposed Council employee Murray Langdale, the person behind the moniker.

You can drop Quickie an email at


maynard said...

i don't give a shit about this quickie dude, or that fucker blake, hull or anyone else but as a reader of your blog i was pissed at the fake times on those photos - they were doctored. Myself and others raised the point at the time. and my post outlining what and how in the photos gave it away (from professional experience) was removed.

Quickie said...

I am really surprised Moore got a copy of my email.
No wonder this creep gets info that should be kept confidential.
Look at the dates on this attachment, then look at the ones on the blog after this lying creep altered them.
Do think carefully who you befriend in this political world.
And keep what should be kept, confidential.

And finally ... NO ... Blake is not a friend of mine, but, like Cooper, I like to see facts, not vindictive, biased hatred spewed out endlessly on this bullshit blog.
Mike still hasn't accepted not being gifted Robyn Holmes's job - hence the Briggs, Schofield, Hull etc. hatred. He cant let go.

Blake's Shadow said...

Me thinks someone is upset that Blakes little sportscar WAS at Hull's place. Us neighbours here in Trinity Park see him here every other day. In fact Nth Bch residents will be treated to him driving in from there in the mornings, as sad as that sounds !!

Jude Johnston said...

Quickie, People in Glass Houses shouldn't throw Stones. Have a look at the Posts you have made on the Blog, and see who has shown vindictiveness and pettiness under an assumed name. Use your own name and offer constructive criticism and Mike won't have anything to write about you will he.

Vernon said...

as if MM would ever be given a job like that. der!

Clifton Ratbags Rule said...

I agree with those above - once Michael Moore started fabricating "evidence", it was clear what his real motives are. Self-aggrandizement. That's all.

Julie Ann Lindsay, Edmonton said...

Fabricating evidence? What the?!

Amazing the loonies that want to defend Blake's actions and even the torid Ms Hull would associate with him.

I'll give her two months and she'll drop him like a sack of spuds.

Blake cost us all $17,000 in that bloody Henry report, if he didn't go ahead with his half-arsed plan to discredit the entire Council.

The only self-aggrandizement was on bloodly Blake's agenda. He's has to be the most useless politician we've ever had to put up with in Cairns. What a sad sorry person he is at mid 50's to be going out with someone half his age from the office! No wonder he was implicated and named by the Cairns Post in the carry on with the radio station advertising deal.

The day he leaves that place is the day we'll all be richer.

tim c said...

Julie i for one am not defending blake's actions. not at all. frankly i think the man is a fraud. the point is that michael moore doctored the photos relating to that story to better his argument. and that is wrong. further, it is not an isolated incident. as clifton ratbag has said - moore's self aggrandizement becomes more obvious.

Michael P Moore said...

Tim you really shouldn't use big words when some anonymous nut spoon feeds you.

The photos where accurate. Blake is a regular visitor to Hull's residence, and was prior and during the 4CA Council investigation.

Critique the photos all you like, but the dhow Blake for what he is. Ask the neighbours. Ask other Councillors. Talk to QC Jim Henry.

Paul Taylor, Maryborough said...

Tim et all... You loose any right to criticise when you don't use your full name, and hide behind fake names.

rebecca said...

michael, paul - stupid nongs

at least tim can spell.

brad m said...

It is really of no concern to me if the car was there or not. I have seen events that confirm to me a relationship between the two - I saw Hull and Blake (and a 3rd female person) at dinner at Bananna Leaf on or around the 4/8/09 (this is the transaction date on my credit card statement). They were looking very cosy snuggled into each other.