Wednesday 19 August 2009

Happy birthday Dick

It's Virgin Blue's 9th birthday.

How time (and planes) fly, when you're the best on the market. Their crew and staff have that Branson attitude, and it shows. I can't recall having a bad experience. They also have some of the best domestic fares around at the mo.

However, hardly a week goes by when someone doesn't share a dodgy experience about JetStar, and I now will not book with them again, after three really late departures in the last two month and such poor attention to service. And here's a story that will make you think before you fly with the Star.

You would have thought with the might of Qantas behind them, JetStar would have their act together by now.


Carl Butcher said...

I've actually been flying Qantas a lot lately. If you're signed up as a frequent flyer and get emailed the Red e-deals they're often cheaper than Virgin and Jetstar. Last time I went to Sydney I got return flights for a little over $300. The same flights on the "budget carriers" would have cost me $50 more.

I have to agree with the comments on Jetstar, they're not the best and I prefer to fly with either Virgin or Qantas where I can. Something about the entire experience with Jetstar makes you feel like you're sheep being herded onto the plane.

Al said...

Mike, your story about Jetstar is no doubt a bad experience for those booked on it, but what if it had been a Virgin or (perish the thought) a Tiger aircraft, would the experience have been any different? Answer is no. Aeroplanes do break down, and there can be no spare one sitting in the hanger at each port awaiting such an eventuality. Bad luck for Jetstar on this occasion, but next week it'll be Virgin, then Qantas, then Tiger ... all upsetting their passengers due the unavoidable.

Hyle said...

Al, as long as the planes break down while they are still on the ground. It's bloody hard to get out and push at 33 000 feet.

gender blender said...

jetstar's customer service is renowned they do not communicate with you unless it is in writing. if you sent them emails they delete them after months without even reading them ( i am keeping a bout 10 of them). this is 2009. ps i once received an apologie letter after nearly one year. no further comments. air asia is also a budget airline but at least they know how to treat their customers.