Sunday 16 August 2009

A belated birthday

I missed it this year, as CairnsBlog turned a sprightly two years old last month!

Last year we had a slap bang bash for our first birthday, however last month the occasion went past without much fan fare, only a free noodle lunch from Fiona of Clifton Beach.

Still, some things aren't worth making too much of a fuss over. I know you all still love me without any forced celebration and the drunken uncle giving that dreaded speech half way through dinner.

It has been suggested however, to organise a end of year dinner, with a line up of speakers and some entertainment, kind of like an anti-media media get-together, somewhere near Wednesday 16th December. If you'd be interested to join in the fun, drop me a line to

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Lillian at Yorkeys said...

What a shame we missed it, Mike. I think there's quite a few of us who'd have come along to celebrate. But obviously you were too busy blogging to organise a celeb. And what a shame Andrew Webster hasn't seen fit to continue the fine initiative the late Mark Alexander extended to the Blog last year.
Anyway, Mike, I'd like to thank you enormously for all the time, effort, intelligence and cheeky humour you bring to the Blog. I'd also like to mention some pretty fearless reporting - being at the spitting end of Snakey Blakey, Marg 'Forked Tongue' Cochrane, & a cast of other myriad creatures attenping to malign you personally, whilst you still keep on faithfully trying to reveal life in Cairns a la merde - & whilst keeping down a Day Job as well.
Congrats on another year of truth, illumination & hilarity. In these dark times in the land of Oz, where Spin is the King at present, it's wonderful to have a medium, & also a forum to present & reveal these issues.
Who's coming to the Xmas Do? Perhaps we can come dressed as our Worst Nightmare? Just an idea... however, I can't really imagine what kind of costume I'd come in as CBD Warrior!
Again, big congrats Mike.