Thursday 3 July 2008

Happy Birthday CairnsBlog!

Today we're having a 3rd of July birthday party.

Why? Well, today CairnsBlog turns a healthy 1 years old!

Back on July 3rd last year, I made the first post. It was all about throwing out the old Council.

Who would have thought back then we'd develop into a big bouncy boy, with little regard for authority?

To celebrate, CairnsBlog buddies are welcome to the Cairns International for an all expenses paid luncheon. Just go to reception, and say you're a left wing communist hater pinkco nazi, and the Concierge will direct you to the dining room.

Cairns Post editor, Mark Alexander has kindly offered to foot the bill for today's birthday bash.  He said to me yesterday, that it was a tax dodge anyway, and that CairnsBlog makes his paper look good.No one could argue with our News Ltd main media magnate in this fair city, so I nodded and agreed, respectfully.

It's not everyday that the town's Ed flops out his Gold Amex, so, be grateful.I'll accept charity from anyone. Heck, during the election campaign, you'd be surprised who sent money for the Blog Supporters fund. Strange bedfellows and all that, they say.

Alexander the Great said he would send Gavin King along, if he couldn't make it. That's nice. But I'll have to ask the hotel to provide a menu with pictures instead of those big long word things.

Anyway, I guess some thanks are in order.

First, to all those special folk and businesses who came to the rescue and donated to our Blog Fighting Fund after former Mayor Byrne (remember him), attempted to take out defamation action against my good self. You all know who you are.

Also, thanks to.......Richard, for your early inspiration. Val, former Mayoral candidate. Bryan, the peaceful rock. Richie, for your amazing spirit, and legs (Amanda told me to mention them). Robert, for being Robert. Kevin, for not getting re-elected, you did your best. Rob Miller, my generous legal counsel. Wayne, for the photos. Syd, for your unflinching commitment to alert the world about Myola and the Kuranda Range. Rod, from Port Radio, you are way too silly. Paul, the caring Vet. Tim, for being hysterically historic. David at KiwiBlog. Tony of Edgehill and David aka the Headless Horseman for contributing writing far better than I. Jenny, for the HandyCam. Pam, for great vino on your balcony at 2am. Steve and Mark for not being false about a Cape. Ian, for being a real media monitor. Janine, for a great Sno job. Ross, the former youngest Councillor, for such passion and energy. Fiona, Warren, Jude, Pete and the rest of the amazing Clifton Beach warriors. Factman, for so much copy. Paul of Edmonton for always being there. Macca from 846 AM, you're a gem. Maurice and Wayne of Yorkeys, for not being knobs.

Finally, and by no means least, Mark and his Cairns Post team. I couldn't have done it without you and all your material. You're a critic's dream.

So, after 1,264 articles later... come celebrate with us (or me!).


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mike, for the Blog. Amazing what you achieved in 1 year. What do you give a Blog for a birthday present?
Pete is out of town, but I will be there. See you at 7pm.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mike. Now that the Democrats have gone, it'll be up to us (and you) to Keep the bastards honest!

Anonymous said...

Good on ya... you always briong a smile on my dial ijn this household! keep up the good work...

Anonymous said...

MY other half and I moved to Cairns just before teh Council election and we heard about this blog.. amazing to have this foruum in such a small regional town..

and with only one newspaper in the region, this forum is all the more important.

Anonymous said...

well bloody done Michael, wish i was not working such long hours and oculd spend more time with you, i promise to pay u for that meth too. Your are soooo cooool!

Anonymous said...

wot about Keyboardist from Koo-De-Tah and Person with a Bottom where their face should be?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday CairnsBlog!

But party time is over! Why have you not done a story on the Cairns Post "Why we love it up here" campaign???

MARK (Alexander) from Cairns is on there, obviously!!!. GAVIN ("I hate shopping for shoes with my missus" King) from Cairns is on there. Paul Gregory and Kirsten Lesina (visual amenity what????) are on there.

Bloody hell, Val is on there and there is even a photo of her playing with her pussy on Machan's Beach!!!! If you don't believe me, here is the web link:

Come on Michael, I can't believe you're missing this stuff. It's just waiting to have the total piss taken out of it!

I haven't laughed so much since Big Kev got ousted!

Anonymous said...

Typical, go away for a couple of days (up to the Atherton Tablelands, oops I means Cairns Highlands, err sorry Tropical Tablelands) and miss my one chance ever to feed off the Cairns Post.

Congratulations Mike on the Blog and its success. I reckon it's made a real difference in community discussion.

p.s. I love it here because its warm and wet and green - just like many of the Japanese tourists on the boats to the Reef.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Cairns Blog!

Mike you have made me laugh til tears poured down my face during the election.. the sign stealing incident made us roar!

Hope you had a delicious dinner :)You deserved it.

Keep keeping the bastards honest. Healthy debate is what we need around here

Anonymous said...

Mike, congratulations on your 'Cairns Blog' first anniversary. Through your medium a lot has been achieved. Your drive, commitment, and resolute determination has uncovered many issues that otherwise would have laid dormant.

No doubt the debate on your highlighted issues throughout the election campaign played no small part in the final result.

A diverse sophisticated community like Cairns needs an outlet that prides itself in the principle of ' No fear or favour'

All the best in your future endeavours. Cairns is better for it. Cheers and keep smiling.

ps....oh, thank you for mentioning myself in your article.