Wednesday 19 August 2009

Aidan McLindon visits Cairns

Showing their age: Jeanette Sackley, Darren Delaney, Helen Anne Jackson, Wendy Richardson, John Giaimo, Louise Robertson, Jake Robertson, and supporters.

Last week Aidan McLindon, member for Beaudesert visited the Cairns LNP Office.

Aidan ran with his brother and was one of the youngest to be elected in the 2009 Queensland Election. He successfully defeated former One Nation leader Pauline Hanson who contested the seat as an independent.

Aiden's early departure as a Logan City Councillor, sparked anger about the by-election cost at around $30,000. He is also advocating lowering the voting age to 17, in line with the army entry level, and wants to get more youth interested in politics.

Steve Austin on ABC said he's come a long way since becoming interested in politics at the age of 15 when he completed work experience at Queensland Parliament House in 1995.

Aidan recently delivered a 7-point-plan to State Parliament entitled Constant and Progressive Reform (CPR). The aim of this plan, he says, is to provide an alternative to the governing practices of Queensland. You can listen to his chat with Steve here.

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