Saturday 8 August 2009

Woman on top

This week Councillor Robert Pyne received an odd letter, from a name indecipherable. The author accused the Division 3 Councillor of not supporting the Mayor, because she's a female.
What a dumb thing to suggest.
The message was in response to Robert's claim that Kambara Street in his patch is a death trap and he wants it fixed.
Talk to locals around White Rock who have witnessed many close calls and accidents, every other week, and you can see why Pyne is lobbying for this street to get some Council attention.
"We need traffic calming along Kambara Street," Robert Pyne says. "I'm asking the Mayor for support this and look at her discretionary fund to support this."
A Kambara Street resident said that they have called emergency services to attend accidents on more occasions than they can remember.
"Our driveway is so dangerous that my daughter will not use our driveway, instead parking down the road then having to handle four young children up the hill just to visit us."
It seems she does not want to put her children’s lives in danger, and you can't blame her. The plea to the Mayor and other Councillors to support an urgent upgrade of the road to slow the traffic down.
And it's not just hoons that are causing the danger on Kambara Street.
A resident was reversing out of ther driveway, as a vehicle came over the hill, complete with mum, dad and the kids in car, doing around 70klm. The windows were down, the kids where screaming with joy as they came over the rise in the street.
A few minutes later, the driver was approached at the local shop. "Do you realise how dangerous your driving was on Kambara Street?" asked the resident.
“Oh, we do that all the time, the kids just love it.”
Kambara Street is a rollercoaster. A look at street and you'll see why it's a hit with the speedsters.


KitchenSlut said...

Kitchenslut is sympathetic to others who share the predicament of living with regular hooning. Years of concerned complaints to police and council have been utterly wasted for too many of us.

The curious thing here is that the appearance of hoons can be often reliably predicted (ie: Thursday night Muddy's carpark on The Esplanade every week for the last 5 years) and yet authorities are powerlessly flatfooted? Residents were assured by previous Councillor Gill years ago that there would be cameras and security measures which never happened.

Calling the police has become a waste of time. It's noted from a previous ComPost report that hoons may be equipped with police radio scanners. From personal experience of my own last complaint call to police an entire carpark of hoons quietly departed within 5 minutes of the call without any police presence required! How convenient?

cockroach said...

Oh and can I please request Council build me a fence to deter thieves and rapists.
I mean they are law breakers also, and I pay my rates.
I voted for you Rob, I expect no less.
Now when you put these traffic calmers in my street please don't put in the bumpy ones because they keep me awake at night.
And dont put in the racy chicanes either, they make the hoons want to go through them as fast as they can.
Over to you Rob and Val - I voted for you.

Pyne's a Grandstander said...

Maybe the letter writer was sick and tired of Rob Pyne's continual political grandstanding instead of attending all the meetings like his colleagues did.

And local governments can't 'get the cops" to do anything - because unlike most other countries in the world, we've allowed our state "nannies' to be in control of police, and fire, and ambulance, and schools instead of local control.

Too much government and lazy councillors. Them's the problems.

KitchenSlut said...

Pssst ....

Which party ran at the last state election with a policy to implement a secure digital network for police and which deliberately chose to ignore and abuse the safety of constituents?

colin from soon to be katterville said...

I think rob pynes opinion of the mayoress was the same as all of us ,when the elections were held KB had to go !
But the longer the term runs we all regret voting her in ,the mayoress or mayor sounds sillier by the minute ,IF she thinks getting toffy stooges to ring macca on friday to bag rob pyne was not missed by all , she kids herself !
Someone put their hand up with half a brain and you will romp the next election in.
If you think I am being harsh because she is a woman ? think again I WAS a supporter !
I was not a rap for rob , but since witnessing his drive and determination to really look after his division I changed my mind.