Tuesday 25 August 2009

‘I was so humiliated’, toilet prank victim tells CairnsBlog

**CairnsBlog EXCLUSIVE

An upset stomach and forgetting to grab his glasses led Cairns man Ronald Goodall to experience the most humiliating moment of his life: being named and shamed in the Cairns Post.

On Saturday, Mr Goodall, who moved to Cairns seven weeks ago, had to be rescued from a toilet in Cairns Central and taken to hospital after sitting down on a strong, fast-acting glue that thoughtless pranksters had smeared on the seat.

Speaking to CairnsBlog yesterday Mr Goodall, who is 57 and not 70 as first reported in a typical but expected typo error, said the incident of being named in the Cairns Post was devastating.

“I have never been so humiliated in all my life, appearing in the Cairns Post,” he said. "I mean, what were they thinking?"

“I first saw them publish the story on Monday, then the stupid paper rang me yesterday and went on and on, wanting to expose more about me.”

The editor of the Cairns Post, who goes to toilets looking for stories every morning, said he went to the toilet “as a matter of urgency” after suffering a "lack of stories."

The editor said he had not been wearing his glasses at the time, "but we needed a front page story to humiliate someone, anyone."

The editor returned to Cairns Central after he was released from hospital, but said he was disappointed at the “who cares” attitude of Cairns community about his first story.
"I thought I'd run it again. There's a craving for this sort of news," he told CairnsBlog exclusively, under the agreement his identify would remain anonymous.
When contacted yesterday, Cairns centre manager said he had not spoken to the editor of the Cairns Post, but said he planned to, and would express his disgust at their irresponsible journalism.

“From our point of view we are taking it pretty seriously. We are doing all we can to make sure that the Cairns Post keeps away from our toilets in future. Our security guards have photos of all their reporters for future reference,” he said.

The story attracted strong interest on The Cairns Post’s website cairns.com. au as readers discovered a pithy story to comment on in their toilet break.

Cairns police Sen-Constable Russell Parker said police were investigating the “stupid act” about the Cairns Post publishing such a story. "If caught, those responsible at the Post would face serious charges for stupidity."
The regular Cairns Central shopper who did not wish to be named, said it gave new meaning to the Cairns Post being a 'crappy' paper.
"We're looking into it, but as the toilet seat was damaged, we have nothing to go on," the Police told CairnsBlog.


cutting hedge said...

Mike what rubbish !
I have never heard of any arse at the cairns compost stick to anything !

Syd Walker said...

If the culprits are caught, they should be assigned community service duties cleaning the Cairns Post toilets.

Ex Cairns Post journalist said...

The Cairns Post toilets are clean. Senior staff do not use them as they 'piss' on every one else in the community!