Saturday 22 August 2009

Cairns Post is getting nauseous

I cringe when I see "as reported in The Cairns Post." Well they did that again in today's weekend paper.

"Also participating in the Pacific Toyota Grand Parade will be Johno Johnson and his Blues Band. After an article in The Cairns Post yesterday, 14 people offered the use of their flat-bed trucks."

Absolute rubbish.

Following a coffee meeting on Thursday morning with Festival Cairns coordinator Belinda Griffin and PR consultant Pip Miller, they asked if I could put up a message on CairnsBlog to seek a truck for Johnos Blues Band.

"We need a more immediate way to get the message out," Pip said. "We can't wait until the paper."

So, as new media can show, I did this via my mobile on Thursday morning. Blog articles are immediately replicated via the CairnsBlog social networking subscribers on Twitter and FaceBook, a combined instand local audience of over 12,000.

The Cairns Post spotted this, and ran a story the following day. This has become a regular source of information for the beleaguered Cairns Post.

I'm just so delighted that I can help them out with news ideas and leads. Saves them leaving the office.


Di Horsburgh said...

It always has been - have you stopped your stematil or something?

Jerome Turner said...

This blog is more bitter than one thousand Mark Lathams! Quality gossip e-rag, Mike - keep up the good work!