Thursday 20 August 2009

Dodging the business bullets

Cairns author Andrew Griffiths, has launched his new book, Bullet-proof your Business Now.

Andrew says that from experience, there are two kinds of businesses in the world - those that have had tough times in the past and those that will have tough times in the future.

"It is simply a fact of business life, survival is all about what we do when we are faced with tough times and that is exactly why I have written this book now," Andrew Griffiths says.

"I have broken this book into four distinct sections. The first covers the steps we need to take at any time to make sure our business is bullet proof. The second section covers what action we need to take when we start to get nervous and the third section is all about what to do when 'it its the fan'. The fourth section is for those businesses that don’t make it, which will sadly be the case for many," Andrew says.

He insists it's an easy read, and Ross Gittens, a business columnist with the Sydney Morning Herald, agrees.

“It's a remarkably sensible, practical and useful book for business owners who want to be masters of their own fate. Andrew Griffiths knows his stuff,” Ross Gittens says.

Bullet-proof your Business Now is published by Allen and Unwin and is available in bookstores.


Edge Hill Tony said...

As always Griffiths is behind the curve. Maybe he hasn't heard our prime minister, the recession's over!

And isn't it Andrew Griffiths who's behind the "media spin" about the False Cape land rape and their current push to start up this project again?

You're known by the company you keep. Andrews, you can't wash the stink off while taking the money from dodgy clients.

Andrew Griffiths said...

Dear "Edge Hill Tony" - I see you have made yet another anonymous, ill informed snipe from the side lines about me - clearly you have a bit of an issue. How about you grow up, come out from the shadows and give me a call - I am more than happy to talk through any issue you may have - and to actually give you a few facts about me and what I do - but all you are doing my taking cheap shots is making yourself look like a bit of a dill. My number is in the book.

Are you big enough a man to do that or will you keep taking your anonymous cheap shots?