Wednesday 26 August 2009

An iPhone app for Cairns Council

This, just in from Boston...
  • The City of Boston is plunging headlong into what may be the future of civic engagement by debuting an iPhone app connecting residents to city hall.

    The app (application), known as Citizen Connect, is the brainchild of a handful of mayoral aides and will allow residents to file complaints with the city by snapping a photo of a problem–a pothole, a fallen tree limb, a neighbor’s overgrown lawn–and sending it to city hall, complete with a geo-tag so city officials can find and fix the problem.

Maybe Gen Y Councillor Lesina can talk to Cairns iPhone app developer Greg Slapp, and get something going for Cairns' ratepayers.

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Unknown said...

Oh man! You had me so excited the Cairns Regional Council had an iPhone app! Mike don't do this to me. Now I'm deflated. :(