Thursday 20 August 2009

Festival kicks off tomorrow

The 47th Cairns celebration of our region starts tomorrow.

This year's show, has had a face-lift and a total change, in look, feel, and content. After the tender process backfired after the project organisers when belly up, the job to put on the two week programme fell back with Council.

The parade along the Esplanade at 6pm on this Saturday, will also be a treat.

I recommend you grab a copy of the free Festival Cairns programme, or program as it's labeled to save money.

This year's is the first for long while to be largely under the direction of Cairns Regional Council.

It's good to see that Pacific Toyota has returned as a major sponsor, under it's new management, despite the turbulent year they've had.

They join funding from our Council, Ergon Energy, Queensland Government, along with the Federal Heritage and the Arts support.

There's a heap of other sponsors, and they're all listed on the website, and in the guide.

This year's offering provides a lot of free activities, and unlike previous years, almost every event is specially on for the Festival.

You can collect a copy of the Festival Cairns guide from all good KFCs, or venues around town. The Cairns Post will no doubt have some spares at their Abbott Street office, if you ask them nicely. Thomas will be working in reception, as part of a new work experience programme.

I'm having a cuppa at Bang with Belinda Griffin, who's co-ordinating the Festival from Council, and Pip Miller, who is driving the media. I'll give you an update tomorrow on the inside goss and what you really must see over the next two weeks.

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KitchenSlut said...

The organisers deserve a wrap for this years Festival program and changes which have refreshed a flagging event. Last years program was easily the worst since I have been in Cairns although you wouldn't have known it from the spun bullshit gushing out of the Compost.