Saturday 8 August 2009

Save the Kimberley fundraiser

A Save the Kimberley fundraiser is on today and tonight.

It is on at Jungle Jacks Boathouse, Lake Placid.

There'll be an array of local musicians and artists, along with an art expose, markets, circus and fire performances by the lake with live music.

"The charity we're fundraising for is the Save The Kimberley campaign, based in WA where the State Government is trying to take the land off the traditional owners to mine it for gas, aluminium and oil," says Tom Leeman of the Coalition of the Conscious.

"This disgraceful act of destruction can be compared to a similar project that almost went underway on the great barrier reef 20 years ago."

"At the time people in general weren't nearly as worried as we are today about destroying precious ecosystems but still with an awareness campaign the project had much negative feedback and thankfully, because today the Great Barrier Reef brings $7 billion to our region every year and protecting a natural wonder paid off," Tom Leeman says.

The Kimberley is a vital key in that not only is it one of the last untouched beauties of the world but it's surrounding waters are dolphin and humpback nurseries which are linked to other ecosystems by currents all the way around the country and beyond. Any interference by industry could to irreversible damage to the area.

Here's the line up:

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