Saturday 15 August 2009

Beautifully imperfect

Andrew Griffiths pointed me to a few wise words.

"Sometimes life seems to overtake us and we lose perspective," Andrew says. “Beautifully Imperfect is one of those wonderful reminders that being is what makes people so perfect."

It's the story of celebrating imperfections in a partner that makes a relationship beautiful.

Here's the FaceBook group, with numerous press clippings about Yasmin Ahmad's passing, just two weeks ago.

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Edge Hill Tony said...

It's been noticeable to all in town that the discredited Andrew Griffiths is now keeping a much lower profile. His shameless lying on behalf of CEC and False Cape and other high-profile developers bring the word "whore" to mind. And his failed seminars didn't help, although they likely failed due to the above referenced PR shilling.