Wednesday 26 August 2009

Sharing sad stories

Sharing My Stories is a moving website, put together by the Queensland Government for anyone to tell their story about a tragic road accident that they have been effected by.

"There are thousands of stories behind the road toll, the sites says, "stories of sadness, tragedy, inspiration, heroism, remorse and regret."

"Your story may help the memory of a loved one live on. It could even save a life. Whether you’re a survivor, have lost a loved one, or you deal with road tragedy in your job, we invite you to share your story."

Here's an excerpt:
  • My beautiful boy Dan died in a car crash on 25th April 2008 – Anzac Day. He was only 16 years old. There’s nothing to prepare you for it – that knock on the door to tell you your child is dead – it’s so final. Dan walked out the door and is never coming back again. He was a back seat passenger, the driver and two other passengers survived with non life threatening injuries. How do you make sense of what has happened? You question where is the fairness, ‘why didn’t my son crawl out too?’
    He would send me little ‘love you’ messages. I’ve got about 130 messages still on my phone which I'll never delete. They’re so precious to me.

If you have a story, you should consider sharing it with the world.

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