Friday 31 July 2009

Pyne wants you to hug more trees

This weekend you can celebrate National Tree Day, and if Cairns Regional Councillor Rob Pyne has his way, Councillor Sno Bonneau and Deputy Mayor Margaret Cochrane will be burying some real dirt, for a change.

"The event has seen more than 13.4 million native trees and shrubs planted around Australia," Councillor Robert Pyne says. "National Tree Day, with Planet Ark, will see one street in Mt Sheridan plant the 15 millionth native seedling."

Pyne's neighbour in Cliff Close, will make it happen on Sunday.

“Aside from the benefits to the environment, growing native plants and shrubs is a great way for residents to make a positive contribution to their local community,” Robert Pyne said.

The annual event is Australia’s largest community tree-planting event, mobilising more than 300,000 volunteers to plant native trees and shrubs.

“One of the Cliff Close residents has arranged for Ian Crosswhite from the Cairns Taipans to drop by and plant a seedling, so one of their ‘tall timbers’ will plant a small tree for the event,” Pyne says.


Sir Humphrey said...

Could stick a few along that creek in clifton beach - may prove handy!

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

I was glad to see the ComPost supporting & making a big deal of this tree-planting day (not).

Clifton Ghost said...

It would be grossly hyocritical if Sno Bonneau was in any way involved in planting trees.

Anyone been to Sno's place lately at #7 Saxon Street Clifton Beach?

Only dead tree stumps in his front yard and the only thing green in his backyard is his pool!!!