Wednesday 22 July 2009

Mulgrave Road is a mess

Everyone who drove past yesterday's road fatality, had to navigate blocks of road works along the the city's notorious arterial Mulgrave Road.

For the last two years, this important main access road has been subject to various road re-alignments and re-configuring, causing chaos and confusion to everyone.

The traffic crash on the corner of Newell Street and Mulgrave Road, Westcourt yesterday morning, was by any means a freak series of events.

As the Sunbus was heading South, a snappy young driver, probably a P-plater, in his ute, tried to beat the bus across Mulgrave Road. The rear of his vehicle collided with the bus, and was flipped into several rolls, collecting a 29-year-old pedestrian and her 6 year old daughter. The young lady was killed instantly, and the child is undergoing life-saving surgery today.

I avoid Mulgrave Road and Sheridan Streets when possible, both are becoming over-burdened routes as the region grows and population fills the northern and southern suburbs.


Unknown said...

And don't forget the lack of decent pedestrian crossings from Ishmael road to Earlville shopping centre, the abysmal pedestrian-unfriendly car park at Earlville shopping centre and the worst designed car park ever at Dan Murphy's. And with all the money spent on widening the roads, why not put in a separate, safe, 2 way bike-lane along the length of Mulgrave Rd. instead of that silly , green strip. Personally I am not game to ride a push bike along that road. I passed the scene of the accident about 30 min before it happened. i did the exact same turn and was nearly hit by a Sunbus myself. The bus had its left indicator on and was slowing down, so I thought it was going to stop to let off passengers. Without warning it suddenly sped up and came straight at me.

Paul said...

Happens constantly at this intersection. Dumb as rocks tradespersons and blokey blokes in their utes and 4wds who think they can "just sneak through" despite the fact that south bound traffic is already upon them. The unfolding of the accident may be freak, but the fact of it was anything but. I don't blame the roadworks, I blame increasingly stupid and reckless drivers making dumb decisions to save 15 seconds. Then again is this any surprise when the only policing of the roads now only involves entrapment of people "speeding" on roads with ludicrously low posted limits.

Alistair Kingston said...

As someone who works in infrastructure delivery everyday I take exception to this. How were the road works responsible for the accident?

CBD Warrior said...

I see your sabbatical didn't improve your ability to collect and disseminate factual information, Michael.

"Probably a P Plater"? Another non-fact.

"Rear of his vehicle collided with the bus". Was he driving backwards? This is a physical impossibility- the bus clearly collided with the ute. And to turn it over required some good speed on the part of the bus driver.

"Flipped into several rolls"? Nope, Wrong again.

Go back to your "finances". Hope you're reporting the income from all these pathetic advertisers.

Steven Nowakowski said...

Hi Mike,

You can't assume it was a young tradie bloke nor a p-plater nor that he was speeding.

You have to be a bit more sensitive with these issues, it could even be a fellow we all know.

Welcome back.!

Alison Alloway said...

A tragic event, whatever the cause.
That poor child, if he/she lives will never forget the horror. As a frequent walker along Mulgrave Road, I also think it time that we look at some overhead or underground bridges for pedestrians to get over this increasingly frantic artery. I have been walking on pedestrian crossings when cars have screeched to a halt right up over the crossing, forcing pedestrians to run. It has been scarey at times.

Brian, Kewarra said...

well Mr Nowakowski, I was there minutes after it happened yesteerday and saw the young lad who was heading towards Portsmith so I assume he was most prob a Tracie. He was just over 20 and there appeared to be a green P on his ute mate. I heard the ABC say it yesterday as well.

I chatted to sone of those hanging around and they said he tried to speed across to beat the bus.

So mrNowakowski I think u should stick to selling photos instead of your assumptions mate.

Unknown said...

It all comes down to the appalling low standard of driver education. It is just too easy to get a license and many people do not have good driving skills.

Steven Nowakowski's big brother said...

Brian it looks to me that Steven wasn't making any assumptions, rather he was commenting on Mike making assumptions - ie. Mike's comment "PROBABLY a P plater".

As for your assumption that he was a tradie because he drove a ute and worked in portsmith - back when i was a young lad i drove a ute and worked in portsmith and i was a graphic designer.

FNQ Watermelon said...

It would have to rate as one of the worst roads...
Roadworks missing.... Suppose Anna and Steve sold that too!

Joanne R, Holloways said...

Welcome back CBD Warrior, I mean Cr Blake.

We're all glad to see you havn't lost you nasty attitude and how you veiew the world. and turn everything personal. instead of debate an issue. Probably because you can't, we dare say.

You claim to be the official accident investigator by saying that the bus "clearly collided with the ute". Wow, great to have you insight and input.

Jude Johnston said...

On Friday, travelling to Charters Towers on the inland road, we arrived at the aftermath of the double fatality and once we were able to continue, were astounded that the horrific scene had not made one ounce of difference to the way some chose to drive. Vehicles towing caravans and trailers overtaking a line of traffic, flicking up stones and creating a dust storm. While I am always an advocate that it is the driver not the road, I feel quite strongly that this tragedy could have been avoided had the road been sealed. The accident was not that far into the unsealed part of the highway and once the towed caravan had started its fishtailing the inevitable was only seconds away. We came home via the Bruce Highway and the new section of road is great. However, my gut feeling is that all the roadworks have done is create a space for those drivers with lead feet and no brains to drive even faster and take just as many risks. The new road did nothing to stop the risky overtaking on double white lines or on corners. Mulgrave Road seems to be the same. The wider and better the road, the more risks some people take. I also walk from my place of work to the Bungalow Post Office every afternoon at 4pm or thereabouts. I cross at the roundabout Scott and Aumuller and everyday I see the stupidity and near misses as those leaving Portsmouth in their Utes and four wheel drives, and dare I say it, have the appearance of being "Tradies" fail to give way to traffic on the roundabout. It is a daunting prospect crossing the road, and I always stop in the "refuge" of the traffic island , the designated pedestrian crossing area, waiting for a break in the traffic and making sure it is safe to continue. It has crossed my mind many times as the vehicles hurtle around the roundabout and down Aumuller St, that it wouldn't take much for one of them to lose it and for me to become another statistic.

Unknown said...

I almost got wiped out in one of the round-abouts on Scott St and that was on a quiet public holiday. The driver indicated that he was leaving the roundabout, but instead kept going straight through, forcing me to slam on the brakes. Best thing was that his ten year old son then started abusing me through the open window. So it looks like the next generation is already being taught the right attitude !!
There is nor proper driver education in this state and insufficient penalties for those who break the rules. I think there should be a mandatory prison sentence and permanent loss of license for those who kill and maim others if they are found to be guilty of causing of a serious accident.

Pull Out Alan Pull Out said...

CBD Warrior is back espousing his expertise in all matters. I assume it is because when you drive an MX5 you would know all about driving, physics and acceleration. I just made a purchase at one of the pathetic advertisers CBD Warrior mentions and it felt so good knowing it was previously owned by CBD Warriors hero Alan Blake.

cutting hedge said...

I just followed a tradie towing a huge trailer up from the bruce highway all the way to sugarworld lights , he drove one handed as the other was used to hold his mobile phone ,he went from the right lane to left at will , no indicators ,hands were already busy ! You drive like morons up here , hillbilly heaven.

Unknown said...

innocent until proven guilty ... we dont know the facts so blame cannot be placed on any party.

Let the police do there job and investigate this unfortunate incident

Jude Johnston said...

You are quite right Mark, we don't know ALL the facts. The only fact we do know is the tragic one that a Mother and her Child are dead. The two drivers involved will spend the rest of their lives living with the "what if", and another family will grieve, and for what, someone who couldn't wait for another couple of minutes.

Steven Nowakowski said...

This is so tragic. I feel so sad for all concerned. Like my previous post we cannot assume we know everything. The young kid could have had an epileptic fit or he could have been stupid or perhaps the bus driver waved at him to proceed to cross the lane. Let the police investigate and then we can judge upon the results.

Sunnis driver. Smithfield said...

I can tell all you Cairns blog people that as a driver of 12 years, ive seen thus situation happen every other day where some smarty tries to out run the bus.

I can tell u also that this young ute driver also tried to do that.

That said. Those cross points that are not controlled by lights in the middle of Mulgrave rd are a disaster every day.

They shld all b closed off immediately.

There's. Sign on every bus that says "please let the bus go first". And for good reason.

Young drivers take risks. They think they're invincible. They think they can get thru in front of other cRs to beat them and save 15 sec in getting somewhere.