Thursday 30 July 2009

Cairns Post kept in dark over deal

So what did we learn from yesterday's "cash-for-comment scandal revealed" in our favourite daily?

Four months after Councillor Blake unleashed his information through his former mates in the LNP, the Cairns Post finally braves the waters and names him as a key player, who had full knowledge of the deal. That's old news, to any reader of CairnsBlog.

The title was astonishing: "Val kept in dark over deal". Well, this is no news. It's what the Mayor said at the time when the Henry Report was delivered to the shamed former CEO, and his version of an 'executive summary' was sanctioned for release to the Councillors.

Now let's not forget that this was no investigation by the Cairns Post at all. They simply sat there by the fax machine and waiting for a few selected sentences were sent to them for copy and paste. There was no interviewing members of the LNP, or former members for that matter, no digging around and hunting out the story at all.

This is also the first time in four months, that at the very beginning of this drama I published the email that indited Alan Blake and his dirty dealings with this episode. The Cairns Post never mentioned anyone beside Noel Briggs, Mayor Schier and Kerie Hull in this story. In fact, that didn't touch Hull until a month after the story broke, mainly because Kerie was still dropping them budget leaks and info about the huge waste of ratepayers money that was that PR backdrop she ordered and designed.

Why haven't the Post gone digging for the massive scandal surrounding the sudden departure of Noel Briggs from his $280,000 pa year job? Surely he was getting out of that place for good reason, and didn't want the spotlight on him any longer. He dropped Ms Hull faster than you could say "people listen to John Mackenzie because he tells the truth."

Councillor Blake steadfastly believes that the Mayor is lying though. In a recent interview on ABC Far North with Fiona Sewell, he was asked about the release of the Henry Report and why Corporate Communications Manager Kerie Hull wasn't at work, yet being paid. He squirmed like a snake.

"That's an operational matter," Councillor Blake said. "However it's really the Mayor's word against her's [Kerie Hull]."

He went on in the dying seconds of the interview to claim that the communications work under Madam Hull was "the best it's ever been."

The Cairns Post is actively in a game of trying to discredit the Mayor and any other group of persons that doesn't fit into their commercial sad-sack agenda. It's well known around Council that editor Andrew Webster can't stand criticism and I dare say coffees are off with Val these days. Various respected local writers and community folk have written to him privately since he took on the job, on an effort to seek a more positive and probing local newspaper. However, sadly, not much has changed besides Gavin King's sad departure and a rearrangement of the website.

Their beat up over the Uke festival that was one passing comment, even after we had a week-long economic investment by the US Military, still went on and blamed Val et all for Townsville winning out with their V8 Super Car races.

Intelligent readers in Cairns question, challenge and critique the Cairns Post. We expect better. We now know that we most probably won't get it.

The story yesterday delivered no new news about the 4CA dodgy secret deal done by Kerie Hull. It was old news, but perfectly suited for the Manunda Takeaway shop to wrap their meals in.

Now that we have Blake named and again shamed, it's time for him to take permanent leave from the gravy train.


FOI email said...

"The total charge would be $250 plus GST per week, but we will have to keep this confidential as MACCA is assuming it is a lot more"

Thornton On Spence said...

I personally find it insulting that as a Liberal Party Member you would link Alan Blake as a Mate. It is a well known fact that many of us have and still do consider him a joke. He has proven useful at Election times handing out the how to vote cards but that is about where it ends.

Veritas said...

Thornton on Spence, no no you have assumed in error about Blake's benefit in handing out how to vote cards for the LNP.

How to Vote distributors are the last voters talk to before they cast their vote. To have some one of the ilk of Blake's reputation hand me a how to vote card would turn me off for voting for that political party

Post-mortems conducted by the local LNP show that Blake's association with the LNP was counter productive and cost the LNP any chance of winning the local seats.

Noj Nedlaw said...

I do not believe that Alan Blake was anywhere near any of the political action around election time. He tried to use the LNP (as MM has documented)- those in the know breathed a sigh of relief at his lack of action to assist in the campaign.

Should he decide to stand at the next CRC election I tink he will be very very much on his own.

Every political party has members that almost all secretly wish would go away. Locally the LNP has Alan Blake.

nocturnal congress said...

"The total charge would be $250 plus GST per week, but we will have to keep this confidential as MACCA is assuming it is a lot more...".
MACCA is assuming......???!!!
Let's hope 4CA has the book thrown at them too.

Thornton On Spence said...

This is just an observation rather than any demonstration of a personal agenda. Alan Blake is quite clearly a much disliked person and appears to have little support or respect. He is considered a joke in the Liberal Party. His business ethics and complete lack of morals should be enough to self destroy him and yet we see the Cairns Post, ABC and 4CAFM continuing to interview him but for all the wrong reasons. I have heard him being described as like Teflon where nothing sticks to him. His threats to various individuals and to this Blog have further inflamed his lack of popularity.
So he's still on this Blog in various guises and still on Council. Desley Boyle reads this Blog as does Val Schier but he still survives with some influence. Isn't it time someone removes him from Public Life and let him get back into what he does so well. Flim Flamming and conning people into products such as Dietry Fibre from Sugar Cane

Anonymous said...

Alan Blake I Know was a very unselfish and hard working member of the Liberal Party. He gave his time and a 110% effort at all times for the Party. I'm proud to call Alan Blake my friend!

Those morons from the LNP who trash him show everyone what the National Party is really made of, "No Class"!

Those members of the LNP that don't know Alan, should just shut up, go away and hide under your rocks!

Syd Walker said...

I'm an Alan Blake fan myself Lance. I hadn't heard of him until I started reading CairnsBlog. Now I can't wait to see the movie.

macca attack said...

"Alan Blake I Know was a very unselfish and hard working member of the Liberal Party."
That is fine lance BUT we are talking about the back stabbing , lying ,big noting ,failed business, shagger, ousted finance committee head Alan blake, NOT the one you know !

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thornton On Spence said...

Sorry Lance. I thought this Blog space was to allow people to voice and air their opinions rather than threats of physical beatings. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and judging by your Blog there are some with a much more radical opinion from a very small minority. If you take a look at what you call Rants you will notice there has been one out of 7 subject matters. It might paint you a picture matey???? If I recall correctly before you left the Liberal Party (that's a blog in its own right) you were quite short and a little rotund....not exactly the fighting machine you are portraying here. Just for your information I am not using my real if anyone would be called Thornton.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Thornton On Spence said...

The words of a vertically challenged person whose mouth is biger than his punch. You did get my occupation right though so full marks. As a successful pimp I haven't had to resort to letting out my House for Bed and Breakfast. Are you the Comedy act when you bring them breakfast in bed?

Sir Humphrey said...

Time gentlemen please - I think last orders and a quick eviction from the blog are in order here. we all know that AB would shag the hair on a barbers floor and has been caught in flagrante delicto both politically and sexually on several occasions.

Last we heard Royce you were given the heave ho out of the LNP because you called several shovels a spade and refused to play patsy to their piss poor politics. Whats with the AB fixation? but please physical threats are the last resort of a most plebian nature and not fit for posting on this blog.

Thornton On Spence said...

Well said Sir Humphrey. You always were a man of clever words and once again you demonstrate wordsmithing at its best.

Sir Humphrey said...

Dear Thornton,

Thanks for the kind words and I do believe one should leave the personal luggage on the shelf even if one is a vertically challenged, rotund, comdedic, pugnacious sepo AB loving prat

I Am The Stig said...

I have just visited Lance Royce Blog site The Northern Truth. He has a great Link to Jay Leno's Garage for which I thank him however this appears to be the only interesting Blog throughout.
Nice picture of a naked man at the ironing board though if you are that way inclined.

I Am The Stig said...

Pardon my ignorance Sir Hump but what is a Sepo? For Lance at least you will be pleased I am using my real ID its just that no one really knows who I am.

Anonymous said...
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Sir Humphrey said...

Dear Stig,

Unlike your good self i am well known and with the benefit of a classical education one can on occasionally dip into the vernacular just to spice up the conversation. The term sepo is the australianised (all this ending in "o" business) version of the cockney slang "septic tank" rhyming with yank. One assumes that because both are full of excreta thats where the derivation comes from.

Sir H

Sir Humphrey said...

Dear Stig,

Did a puff of Hot air just vaporise then or was I dreaming??

Sir H

Macca Attack said...

Heck I,m unhappy ,was there threats of violence directed at whom?
Lance has had a few comments removed .
If it was I give lance my address .
The only thing I excelled at in broadmeadows was violence , probably in excess of 40 street fights , never laid a glove on me hhhaaaaaa.
It was a bad area , but set me up for life , defending persons and minority groups that have trouble with narrow views of bigots and the like !

The CBD Warrior isn't Important said...

Focusing this whole event on Alan Blake is misguided and inaccurate. This incident has little to do with Blake and everything to do with the corrupt John Mackenzie and the even more corrupt Kevin Byrne. Keep in mind what Mackenzie said - he justified these payments by saying they had been going on during Byrne's administration too. This hidden payment, made to a media organisation during an election campaign, was patently illegal. Keep your eyes on the money and quite using this incident to unseat a second-rate councilor who is self-destructing without your help.

It's Mackenzie and Byrne that need further investigation. And it's these two cretins who were being protected by the now-deposed CEO.

Michael P Moore said...

Any Google (Blog) login author (commentor) has the ability to edit/remove their own comments.

This is what Lance elected to do above.

Nothing was removed by myself. I rarely do this, only when Blakies mates (well, both them actually) leave Anon comments.

PS: Love the conversation, you make this Blog boy grin.

Sir Humphrey said...

Bravo CBD warrior,

Now we have seen the sepo from the field lets pick more substantial targets. Is there any truth in that pair being catamites with a predeliction for their meat being both tender and a touch overdone?

Sir H

B.S. Whitworth-Socket said...

Awful lot of comment on a story tht was supposedly "old news".

FOI, what a joke. It is an Orwellian naming. Fredoom of Information, when what is really happening is Concealment of Information. There are so many exceptions to FOI, for "commercial in confidence", "personal matters", "contractural matters" and even something about matters that "would not be to the public benefit". So the bureacrat in charge can release what they want, to suit their own agenda.

There is neither Freedom nor Information involved.

I Am The Stig said...

Oooops. I think Lance T Royce has just found a Mazda MX5 Keyring on his bedside table which has caused him to remove his comments. Such a shame it was just getting interesting. But then again maybe he likes to watch.
So its no longer cage fighting and back to simple wimpy old Blakey.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more exciting than your first date with that special person. We all{I hope} have been there and done that. I wonder if either Alan or Kerie realize how special their friendship is? Two exceptionally intelligent narcissists in love with their own image. I bet they fight over the mirror.
The Post's last sentence in the article today stating " Ms Hull sent out a media release doing unpaid work in relation to indigenous issues as a volunteer" is priceless. So if you don't send an invoice or get caught all work is voluntary. Give us a break. Or the truth.

brad m said...

The two love birds were seen smooching in close at an asian restaurant in the city on the weekend. They did have a 3rd wheel (chaparone) but there were lots of smiles and laughs.

There's obviously nothing (coughs) going on between them....

Anonymous said...

What's happening Mike - we haven't heard any more about the fate of Ms Hull for a while????