Thursday 30 July 2009

Who would Kevin turn gay for?

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd says he will not support gay marriage, however welcomes a debate on the issue.

The Labor Party's national conference starts today in Sydney, with the hot topic of same-sex unions on the table. Rallies are being co-ordinated around the country, including Cairns. The Party banned the issue prior to the last election.

"We are consistent with the policy that we took to the last election," Rudd said yesterday. However her said that the Party "fully respects the integrity of same-sex relationships."

"We will not change our opposition to same-sex marriage. Marriage should be a union between a man and a woman."

The Tasmanian branch of the Party has voted for the Marriage Act to be amended to allow for same-sex unions, whilst a recent poll said 60% of Australians support gay marriage. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has said it will count same-sex couples in the next national census.

New Zealanders enjoy a far more progressive and liberal social environment across the Tasman.

The Homosexual Law Reform Act was passed in 1986, 49 votes to 44. It was preceded by the infamous "Nuremberg Rally" on the steps of Parliament, when a petition against the proposed legislation with 810,000 signatures was presented. Less than half were later validated.

In 1993 the Human Rights Commission Amendment Act is passed, outlawing discrimination on sexual orientation, after only a day or so of debate in the House, and in 2004, Civil Unions were passed into law. Prostitution was decriminalised in 2003.

Australia almost stands alone with the USA, as one of the last remaining western countries to recognise a Civil Union, as an alternative to marriage.

Over one third of all marriages, end in divorce. A similar trend occurs in New Zealand where half of the marriages dissolved lasted just over 13 years.

The National Day of Action for Same-Sex Marriage, will co-rdinate events across the country at 12 midday. The Sydney march will go from the Town Hall to the National Labor Conference at Darling Harbour, where participants plan to stage the nation's largest 'illegal' same-sex wedding.

  • Contact Janine Aitken for more information about the Cairns rally.


colin from kattervillie said...

Really what do you expect from a god thumper Rudd is a regular bible folower, gay people are born gay , they have no choice , I fully support gay marriage .
It is a stupid man made law that bans it.

Sir Humphrey said...

bloody christian twaddle!!

Same sex , opposite sex - who cares this is just absurd that humans are defined by the archaic principles made up by the biggest bunch of bloody queens in the game - clergy!!

sir H

fred nile said...

Cockroach ,you can,t tell us you haven,t been tempted to go the brown when the pink was down , every bloke I know has or are you a taker only ?

Sir Humphrey said...

Quite right Fred he only takes it like a REAL man - pillock

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Geez, Fred - as a mere (near) hetero female, educate me: "..go the brown when the pink is down..". Is that a) when the Little Lady has her rags on & won't come across, or b) when she's got the shits with you & won't bonk? I really am interested, I've never heard that phrase.
As for Cockroach above (an appropriate moniker for such an entry above), well, when you've done doing the whatevers up the back passage (which can be pleasurable for both parties, believe me), you Wash Your Willie with soap & water, & all bacteria go to heaven. This is especially important if wanting to go to the Front Bottom after the rear one.
Sorry folks - Back Bonking 101 classes for Cockaroach - back to the topic.
However, relating to gay/transgender marriage, it's all very easy for a hetero bloke like Our Kev to say "marriage is between a man & a woman". Pity he doesn't have a good chat with some of his Christian gay/lesbian mates who can wise him up on some of these issues.
Furthermore, why don't they just hold a national referendum to see if Australia approves. If it does, legislate it. Yep, folks, referendum, you remember those voting-type things that used to gauge the support of the population on a particular issue.
They seem to have totally fallen out of fashion in political terms - probably because - They Don't Want to Know What We Know Unless It's Related To Their Re-Election.

fred nile said...

lillian yes you are correct the 1st time , it is an old saying. and it does refer to that time of the month . And every bloke I know has or tried to enter the cave through the back passage hhhaaa.