Friday 31 July 2009

More independence welcomed

The second edition of FNQ Independent has hit the streets.

The new weekly, available for $1, focuses on the communities of Wangetti to Bloomfield.

Giembra Busmer and her partner Stretch, are behind the new independent newspaper.

"A lot of people have been asking for this, and asking for us to do something," Giembra told CairnsBlog.

Busmer, who worked at NewsLtd's Port Douglas and Mossman Gazette for 20 years, is excited about the reception the first edition received. They gave away the first week's print run to get the word out there.
"The region was not adequately being served up here," she says.

Well I say this is a welcome addition. The Gazette is run by a big corporation, and they've lost the little people. It's largely advertising and real estate. Local NewsLtd publications have lost their way and I hope this new addition to the media landscape. A casual observer would think the Gazette has become a Council newsletter.

In response, the Gazette has been running a series of counter-advertising, stating theirs is the "local news source you can trust."

However, ask around the community, and it's difficult to find how many of the faces are known. At least three of the team are new to Port by just a few weeks, coming from Brisbane and the Territory. Eight of those pictured are involved in non-editorial roles like advertising.

Clearly News Ltd newspapers like that of the Cairns Post, have forgotten the community they serve as their global chiefs focus on revenue.

Along with Giembra and Stretch, Nardia, Hiedi, and Megan assist in the production of the newspaper that is available from local shops and service stations around the region. 3,000 copies are printed, and distributed every Thursday.

Both Division 10 Cairns Regional Councillor Julia Leu and Mayor Val Schier welcomed the new weekly newspaper.

"Yes, I think another newspaper is a good thing, I think they've done a great job," Julia Leu says.
Mayor Schier was very complimentary about the launch on FNQ Independent. "Giembra and Stretch have put together a great newspaper," Schier said. "I'm really pleased to see this and I genuinely wish them all the best. It can only be a good thing for the community."

I wish Giembra and Stretch all the best for this exciting addition to the local media and am sure that the community will welcome and support it.
  • You can email Giembra or telephone 4098 3883. A website is still a few weeks away.

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