Thursday 30 July 2009

No quick solutions, but a fair observation

Barron River Labor MP, Steve Wettenhall, well versed in near misses and accidents, has done what any polly would do when they can't find a solution or lead, they call for a meeting.

My comrade on the right, Dennis Quick sums it up nicely...
  • "After years of people crying out for resolution of road safety issues on the Bruce Highway and the clear identification of so called 'hot spots' all the Labor Party can do is to call for (yet another) Summit to address the issues.

    In the leadup to the state election in March, further pressure was added by LNP candidate, Vic Black. He was castigated by Warren Pitt for daring to be critical. Pitt then announced yet another "planning study" (which is the politicians way of appearing to do something whilst doing SFA, rather like a Summit) - but only as far as Wrights Creek. The dangerous parts of the Bruce Highway from that point to the south, were again ignored.

Read Dennis' piece here.


Sir Humphrey said...

well what else would one expect - he has to get someone interesting up here on any pretext just to get a line in the local rag.

Talk about political non entities this drip really takes the cake

Lillian at Yorkeys said...

Well, they don't call Our Steve "Wettenoballs" for nothing Sir Humphrey. With him it's all: turn up, smile (good teeth, I must admit) & Do Nothing).
Honestly, can one legislate against idiocy, which seems to often be the driving norm here in the Far North?
The main thing is that, one would expect with logic - one drives to the condition of the road, without a gutfull of Bundy or whatever.
Steve Wetteno can hold all the traffic summits he wants - it won't make a blind bit of difference, to him or us, because even if there are recommendations for him, he won't try & enact them without the OK from Mistress Anna, will he?

Sir Humphrey said...

Dear Lillian,

Dropped the crumpets and spilled the tea with that one - WETTENOBALLS !! superb!
As for the rest of what you say I agree 100% I just commented on another blog regarding how I believe we should stop this stupid mindset of chasing fines and actually invest in the roads and driver education. As for what a loacl non entity backbencher with very little savvy can do - nothing! but like his dear predecessor Dr Click he knows a media op when he can scrounge one!