Friday 3 July 2009

I want my children back

Just when you thought it could get worse, it did.

Debbie Rowe is after her kids and says she'll fight all the way to get the two children she gave birth to for Michael Jackson.

"I am the biological mother to the children," Rowe said after nearly a week of silence.

Rowe who says she's willing to undergo a DNA test to prove the case, also announced that she is seeking a restraining order on Jackson's father, Joe Jackson, to keep him away from the children.

I love how all the so-called mainstream media are referring to bloggers, Twitter and the celebrity gossip websites when putting their reports to air. Sunrise on 7, WIN Today breakfast show and even the ABC, have all referenced TMZ and a variety of independent online writers over the last week.

"We're going to look into how these websites seem to get the scoop of these stories," WIN's breakfast news presenter Georgie said today.

Maybe it's because they go hunting and digging out the news? Maybe it's because they are hungry to discover the story? Maybe it's because most 'reports' in today's newspapers and TV sit behind the desk and email and wait for the news to arrive via press releases?

The trend of things to come.

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FNQ Watermelon said...

I really feel sorry for the kids here... All they will get to remember there "parent" (If I can use the term) is a plastic doll, so they continue to play with him

Seriously, these kids will be pretty screwed up when they do grow older, but hey we should have them here on the council as I am sure they could do a better job then the current mob are