Thursday 30 July 2009

Open Debate

I intended to pop the Open Debate up once a week, however I've been a bit distracted of late.
Usual rules apply, this is your space to raise any pet subject, discuss an item that should be aired, or simply get that annoying problem off your chest and in the back seat on the MX5.


Mel. South Side said...

When is something going to be done about having the Henry Report made public.Also the detailed report on the amount of the Briggs payout.
I am at a loss to understand why these reports have not been tabled.

Bryan Law said...

I just saw Anna Bligh and Tania Major discuss Wild Rivers legislation on Q&A, and I still feel the shivers running down my spine.

Tania’s central message was that conservation requires building genuine consent, not centrally imposing a government view.

Anna’s central message was that everything in the legislation is right and correct, and that blackfellas elsewhere is grateful for it. She didn’t give any indication that she was willing to consider changing anything for some Cape York bozos with other political agendas.

She kept citing Wild Rivers as a means to prevent the Archer River from becoming the Murray Darling. She forgot that the Murray Darling was created by God and fucked by whitefellas. Cape York is still God’s country because it’s been looked after by Blackfellas. It’s time to properly resource Bama to care for country as part of economic engagement.

Creepiest moment was when George Brandis accused Anna Bligh of being patronising to Aboriginal people, while doing preference deals with the Greens. All true, but from George Brandis?

Now that we’ve elected our first woman Premier, is it time to organise her demise?

One thought I have is that, now she’s available, the LNP asks Sarah Palin to run for Premier, with the Springboard as Deputy. Queensland could be world famous again.

nocturnal congress said...

Ugh...not funny Bryan mate, mentioning Sarah "I can see Russia from Alaska" Palin, not funny at all. (Shudder)

Syd Walker said...

You and I can clearly look at the same show and see something completely different, Bryan.

I felt embarrassed for Tania Major when she discussed the Wild Rivers legislation on Q & A.

She's a spirited young person, but no-one could argue the insubstantial and essentially dishonest case her mentors have given her without ending up looking silly. She was like a barrister with a really crappy brief.

Her participation in the Pearaon-sponsored fiasco over Wild Rivers on Cape York is going a long way, IMO, to eroding her credibility as an up and coming Aboriginal spokesperson.

It's sad. I hope she finds her way towards a role in which she doesn't have to dissemble.

my place is neat said...

If the locals up on the cape look after the rivers , like they look after their communities ,strewn with rubbish ,filthy houses and skinny under fed dogs everywhere , thank god/devil someone looks after the cape .
It is not real hard to clean up around you , they have had decades of time to learn , you bleeding hearts do nothing to make them change.

Al said...

Enough of this myth! It's a complete pretence that today's indigenous people are the only ones who “know” how to manage Australia's fragile environment. From an environmental perspective, indigenous people today are as damaging to the environment as any city white fella. Their communities contain the four-wheels drives, tinnies and outboards, guns, food stores (where the processed and packaged foods are shipped thousands of miles south creating a huge carbon footprint). Today's mob have as much resemblance to their pre-invasion forefathers as I do to Captain Cook and his crew. If they have any inherent knowledge of managing their environment, it is obsolete – as obsolete as Cook's Endeavor. The environment we deal with today is different. Two hundred years of white settlement has taken an enormous toll, but we have slowly awakened to the damage we are wreaking. It needs to be dealt with and it needs experts with knowledge and skill and politicians with the will to follow through. And it doesn't matter what colour they are or how they describe themselves.

Thaddeus said...

well said Al. Hear, hear.

Bryan Law said...

I never said that only blackfellas can manage the land, or that the land balances are unchanged. I only said that those rivers which are fucked have been fucked by whitefellas, and that the so-called "Wild Rivers" are on Aboriginal land. Go figure.

I'd be more comfortable with giving DNR bureaucrats more power and influence if they could only demonstrate a little bit of competence. Forcing blackfellas to endure one more layer of subservience will NOT advance the cause of nature conservation.

Bryan Law said...

Just to irk our resident jew-hater, here's a link to Alan Jones in full fine support of Noel Pearson, and then the man himself inflaming a situation that most real Abos is just plain grateful for.

Bryan Law said...

Here's an e-petition people can sign in support of Aboriginal right to consent in relation to the declaration of wild rivers and subsequent constraints on land use.

I signed, and I'd ask all others interested in a genuine green agenda to sign too. I'm into partnerships. Partnerships require consent.

Syd Walker said...

Bryan, was the last comment posted under your name really posted by you?

Or is a troll on the loose trying to stir up trouble by making a revolting, gratuitous, contextually irrelevant insult - in the name of 'Bryan Law the Christian peace activist'?

I'd like to be sure I'm not being set up here, because the language used by this latest 'Bryan Law' seems so unworthy of the man I used to know I can scarcely believe it's really you.

What is more typical for you, Bryan, I'm sorry to say, is to shoot yourself in the foot in debate, in this case by posting a link to an audio clip that, in a court case, would be evidence for the other side of the argument.

What is 'Bryan Law' (or his even-sillier alter-ego) trying to prove by posting that link to the Alan Jones / Noel Pearson interview?

Does he want to highlight the fact that Mr Pearson pisses in the pocket (and vice versa) of one of the most discredited, bigoted and reactionary shock-jocks of our era?

Syd Walker said...

I think A1 makes some points that need to be made in a full discussion of this issue - especially a discussion begun by Mr Law's silly "blackfella always right" gush which always sidesteps the rather significant question: which blackfellas? (I refer to the obvious fact that the Aboriginal community is not monolithic does not have a single opinion).

But I also think A1 overstates the case - and fails to acknowledge Aboriginal cultural and biological knowledge that has survived - and the importance of conserving and utilizing that knowledge.

There's a lot more that could be said on this topic, but I'll confine myself to this one additional point. Mainstream Aboriginal society is not managed sustainably at present, It's rather unfair, i think, for mainstream society to criticize Aboriginal communities for unsustainable, environmentally-irresponsible behaviour when our whole society's overall environmental record continues to be so poor.

The science of sustainable management is not a completed scientific discipline. It's work in progress. Mainstream society should be more humble about our own environmental skills than A! suggests, IMO.

I have little doubt that knowledge from traditional societies (including, but not limited to Australian traditional societies) will be crucial as we develop the skills to manage this entire planet in a sustainable way.

Syd Walker said...

In my last post, "Mainstream Aboriginal society" should read "Mainstream Australian society".


Sir Humphrey said...


Please enough of the reverse racism and when you declare whitefellas have destroyed the rivers - as if it is somehow all caucasians by dint of genetic code - get your hand off it. The key areas of destruction can , as always, be put squarely at the feet of a vested few white (and yellow) fellas who tend to be good mates with some of the current government lot. See other recent blogs for more info. I agree with the statements above on some key points - All Aboriginals inherently know more than whites about the cape and how to manage it ?- CRAP -
All white people on the cape wish to despoil it ? - SPECIOUS CRAP
Do what you always have to do when you look for the root cause of environmental destruction - follow the money trail. This whole notion of one group being set against the other is just a diversion.

Steven said...

Can I bring up the fact our suburbs feel disjointed and aloof from the main city.

The deadline for having your say ends on the 7th August (Council Corner in Cairns Post).

I want to see more connectivity between suburbs and the city so we can bypass the nasty Mulgrave Road altogether.

Suzi Raycliff, Mt Sheridan said...

Please Steven, no dirty language on this blog.

Laugh of the week said...

How can it be that the 'Armed Forces' with all their guns and tanks are being protected by a couple of older persons in in orange reflective safety jackets?

nocturnal congress said...

So the Murdoch News Ltd has posted a $4 billion loss. Murdoch reckons it's all due to "lost advertising" due to the current GFC. Ha, ha, ha. Not that his sycophantic editors would ever tell him that people are turning away from his publications in droves. Let him dream on about the "recovery."

Anonymous said...

And now for something completely different - can someone please explain how it is that is Val's fault if we are not spending enough money on this or that, when the whole Council contribute to the budget process and budget priorities? What seems to be happening is that those who were unable to convince others of the priority of their divisional needs, or who can't accept that there just isn't enough money in the pot for everything, then just slag off in the media about how their priorities are not being met! It's a cop out and an easy way to score political points and those Councillors should be held accountable for the budget process which determined the priorities and not try and worm their way out of it for their own grandstanding. We expect that from Blake, but not from Gregory. As for Cooper - she and everyone else knows that the state government forced the council to accept the funding to construct a bikepath. Not that a bikepath is bad at all - it's just a pity they didn't provide all the funds. But either way the council has to commit to the project and Cooper knows it - so why does she keep going on about it - another bit of political point scoring me thinks.

nocturnal congress said...

Yes ChowChow, the local media boyos have done such a damn good job destroying Val, that it's now easy and effortless for Councillors, the local business clubs or whoever, to just turn on their heels, open their big screaming flappy mouths and "blame Val." Case in point was the suggestion for a world festival for Cairns. Instead of the Cairns business community coming up with an idea, they did nothing, just looked around, then lashed out at Val for making a suggestion.
This is how it is going to be in Cairns for the next few years. All too easy! Just blame Val.

Syd Walker said...

Schadenfreude is the word, nocturnal.

I got a big hit of it too listening to the war-mongering old git on the radio this morning (courtesy of the ABC, as though he doesn't have enough 'channels' already).

Murdoch was talking about the latest News Corp loss - and his plans to charge for all his 'online products', very soon.

Has the dirty digger found a way to debit our accounts directly, without our consent?

Labour Acolyte said...

Speaking of Prince Val, there was a big Labour do last night at the Hilton. KRudd the robot got up and patted himself on his own back for about 15 minutes and then the Labour faithful all crowded around to get their picture with him.

Notice NO Princess Val, although most of the other Labour hacks were there (except the local MP's, stuck in Brisvegas for Parliament sitting).

Linda Cooper said...

Hi Chow Chow,

I was having a go at the State Government, not Val. As you know, they dangled a carrot that we 'couldn't' knock-back (for fear of appearing ungrateful and losing other potential project funding), and I simply didn't agree with this project. It's not particularly palatable knowing that you have to utilise $1.5mill of rates revenue to fund something that wasn't a priority. Bring on bikepaths, but bring them on in areas that are still lacking the basics; bikepaths to schools and bikepaths in areas that can't/won't be serviced by public transport options. They should have been the priority projects.

In regards to your comments about me continuing to go on about it, i have only been asked once by the CP for a comment, but they have obviously chosen to bring it up whenever infrastructure/capital works issues are raised. I don't really give a toss about political point-scoring - but I do care about being expected to have a say in how we reduce our own Capital Works program, particularly when it's at the expense of projects that are thrust upon us from State Government.

I attended every budget meeting and participated in every session where we discussed project priorities and whilst I am really happy with what has been allocated to Division 6, I believe that the rest of the process in prioritising was done equitably and based on real need. Yes -I agree that Councillors should be held accountable for the budget process and should be made to attend every session. As far as I can recall, there was only one councillor who didn't attend all sessions, so the rest of us knew exactly what projects would be delivered in the Capital Works program.

Linda Cooper

Richie said...

thanks Linda,

Your point that there are more important bike path projects is a valid one. However i would have to disagree that it is not a priority project. This city is in dire need of transport solutions and any improvements in this area are long overdue. Cycleways are not just about recreational activity, they also support two wheel commuting and result in less traffic on major arterial roads such as Sheridan Street. Aditionally there are great benefits to tourism in having this infrastructure. What issue could be more pressing than our horrendous far northern road toll and all too recent cycle deaths?



Linda Cooper said...

Hi Richie,

I agree with most of what you've said but in response to you asking what could be more pressing than the far northern road toll? - the safety of our kids! And I'm sorry, kids are commuters on a daily basis - to and from school. I would be happy to wager a friendly bet that there are a lot more kids commuting to school each day (in our region) than adults commuting to work. If you can prove me wrong I'll shout you a coffee and a big slice of carrot cake.



traffic engineer said...

You're so right Linda.
Everytime school holidays are on, the traffic volume is greatly reduced and flows so smoothly.
For some time I have been advocating that Qld Education vary the school starting times in Cairns but no one in QE is interested.

Richie said...


The issue of our road toll and the safety of our kids is NOT mutually exclusive.
The reason why I put the road toll so high on the agenda is precisely because kids are commuters.
As per my comments above, the benefits of cycleways for children will remain regardless of whether they travel by motor vehicle or bike to school, holidays or no holidays. And I have no doubt children outnumber us in this regard. All the more reason to improve this vital infrastructure.
How did you know I like carrot cake? My shout.


Thaddeus said...

We need more bicycle pathways to cater for the growing numbers of elderly and their mobile needs. Retirees are pouring into Cairns like the proverbial lemming in case our councillors haven't noticed. Bicycle pathways are not just about kids!

nocturnal congress said...

Syd, Jesus Christ, does that dirty old git Rupert really think we want to pay to access his sleazy websites?

Syd Walker said...

Not sure how he plans to pull it off nocturnal.

Perhaps Rupert has been given the heads up on the new no-tender private enterprise-run taxpayer-funded 'Ministry of Truth'?

Paul Gregory said...

Hi Chow Chow and thanks for bringing up something close to my heart. I think you may have missed my point (Cairns Post quote I guess) regarding the budget spend on capital works. I advocated for a significant increase in renewal spending (maintaining our existing assets) as opposed to creating new assets. Council has adopted this strategy via its 5 year capital works budget, showing an increasing emphasis on fully funding depreciation and spending more money on replacing broken K&C, footpaths, resealing bitumen roads and fixing drains. The comment on the bike path in the paper was in response to the direct question of how much footpath can you get for $6m; simple answer is 50 kilometres, which equates to $120 per lineal metre. This Council debated each line item in the budget and the democratic process of a show of hands was used to determine priorities, as has been the case with the three councils I have been part of. I am satisfied that we are moving in the direction of a more sustainable mix of new versus renewal spending on assets.
Paul Gregory.

Calum Bennachie, Wellington said...

Skank free zone?????

City Workmates said...

Having driven into town via Aplin street recently we find that accessing the city this way now requires admittance through a boom gate even though we am not entering Cairns Central. To avoid this one has to take either Florence Street or Bunda Street, which is certainly not the quickest and easiest way to our place of work. This access to the city has been appalling and dangerous since Central was built, and now this.
On enquiry I have found out that Cairns Central owns that part of Aplin Street. Why? Who allowed this to happen? Is it possible for me and my neighbours to buy a portion of our street and install a boom gate to slow the speeding hoons? When is the traffic/parking situation in Cairns going to be sorted out?

Veritas said...

Keith De Lacey was the Treasurer and member for Cairns. He was the person responsible. He was the one that sold the Cairns Central School to a Singapore Business Conglomerate. All this plus more from a working man's Government. Is that duplicity or what?

Smithfield SAm said...

The TV news had a big story about the "Tourism Awards" being given later this month.

What kind of industry gives themselves "Awards" after laying off so many people that Cairns unemployment rate is the highest in Australia?

This is a failed tourism business, with failed marketing, failed airlines, failed attractions.

NO AWARDS are due these cretins.

William said...

l noticed in Fridays Courier Mail p106 Cement Australia have put a winding up order on CEC Mt lsa

KitchenSlut said...

William is there a web link to that? CEC have thir AGM here in Cairns on Thursday November 26.

Coincidentally Hedley Leisure and Gaming (which will be changing it's name to Redcape) will be having it's AGM in it's new domicile of Melbourne the same day! Sweetly coincident with high profile AGM's for both BHP and Woolies the same day to ensure no media coverage!

High profile shareholder activist Stephen Mayne will be at the Woolies AGM that day but has offered that he should be able to get a proxy to the ex-hedley AGM in Melbourne if i can supply proxy nominations!? Will be posting more on this in coming days.

If you have a problem with CEC and can be specific in that then there is no reason you can't organise a proxy to raise this at the AGM? You need to make these issues clear beyond just not liking some projects!?

Personally while I can criticise CEC for being wildly overgeared into a boom, and contracting False Cape among other matters, I dont see the otherwise contentious governance issues such as surround Hedley which are being buried and deserve ASIC and possibly legal action .....

Tanya said...

Hi everyone

Would just like to throw out a wild idea I had lately, inspired by the attempts at a recovery plan for Cairns. My idea may not be popular on principals, but maybe it is worth a thought.

Asylum seekers arriving by boat. There is no end to them. They are a growing demand that create employment. Detention takes a long, long time to run its course. And apparently there has been so many recent arrivals that further facilities are required.

Could a hotel, resort or other accomodation facility, that is currently struggling fo occupancy be leased by the government to house them? Local tradies hired to make the required modifications? Local suppliers and manufacturers supply the facility? Hospitatlity workers employed to feed, clean and administer the facility?

nocturnal congress said...

Tanya, whilst I compliment you on your altruism and sense of compassion, erm I think it true to say that Aussies at the moment are not in any mood to put out the welcome mat to boat people. No, I don't believe we are a xenophobic nation, just that people are very concerned about their jobs and income security. At such times, the thinking becomes "charity begins at home etc."

traxesp said...

I think the Cairns Roast blog has turned to crap. It looks like it doesn't exist any more after the list of weird (and foul) posts.

Save the money, keep the Place said...

The Mayor was talking on ABC local radio this morning about the proposed future use of the city place or mall. She said the Council was seeking community input about plans to demolish what is there at present. Ms Shier gave reasons such as diesel fumes from nearby buses, the fact that the trees were not providing (?) adequate shade and complaints from businesses as reasons for re-development of the site. I gained the impression that she had a vision of a brighter place where people could congregate over coffee without diesel fumes in the future.

However, from my point of view, I'd like to see the Council leave things as they are. I am not very well off financially, and I appreciate the fact that there is at least one place in Cairns where I can stop, when I am in the city, without feeling that I have to buy food to get a seat.

Although I like the Esplanade, I don't always have the time to walk to it, or feel like being with crowds of people.

Regarding the Mall, I have pleasant memories of sitting under the shady trees on the ? cement block seating,(by myself, and while chatting with others who just happened to be there), as we have listened to nice, free, or affordable music from performers on the stage, or busking.

It is a good place to just stop and take a breath.

I have to say that I have never been bothered by the fumes of the diesel buses.

In fact, I think it is great that the buses are situated where they are as it is a central and convenient location for those of us who choose to use public transport for either financial or environmental reasons when we visit the centre of Cairns.

Everyone knows that all levels of Government have to deal with debt, and debt is created often by unnecessary spending. My view would be for the Council to resist spending extra money on this unnecessary re-development.

old cove said...

Good to see that there are many people keeping their eye on the greedy greasy bastards who every so often try to find ways to steal the Palm Cove caravan park from the people.I first discovered Palm Cove in 1958,loved it and always will....Stick it to em guys ! You are ledgend !

concerned said...

Talking of Palm Cove: has anyone noticed the Preliminary Approval Application for the 25th Nov meeting for changing 2 lots into 27 lots just north of the Palm Cove jetty? And a preliminary approval for the destruction of the mangroves in that area. What the hell is this? Lets destroy one of the last natural looking areas in Palm Cove. Or am I overreacting here?! If anyone has some extra insight into this I would appreciate it. Maybe Factman could give us some astute insider knowledge on this matter. Confirming that Palm Cove is just a suburb or some other such pearl of wisdom...

Northern Beaches Warrior said...

Re Palm Cove development

Our initial investigations show that it is a preliminary approval to reconfigure 2 lots of land on the northern end of Palm Cove into 27 housing lots.

There are many environmental and access issues that should concern everyone about this development. It has no less than 6 Referral Agencies!

Lizza said...

There’s a hole in my creek

Can I help you dear resident, dear resident, dear resident
Can I help you dear resident, yes, from Clifton I see!
I’m flooding dear Council, dear Council, dear Council
I’m flooding dear Council, you must come and see
Don’t worry dear resident, dear resident, dear resident
The creek has been widened, dear resident, for free
But the water flows much faster, dear Council, dear Council
The water flows much faster, dear council, you’ll see
You’re not baling quick enough, dear resident, dear resident
You’re not baling quick enough, dear resident, the key
I’m a ratepayer dear Council, dear Council, dear Council
I’m a ratepayer dear Council, you do work for me
Just a fantasy dear resident, dear resident, dear resident
Just a fantasy dear resident, you can take it from me
It’s just not your problem, dear Council, dear Council
It’s just not your problem, what you’re saying to me
Halleluiah you’ve got it, dear resident, dear resident
Halleluiah you’ve got it, no interest, you see
Unless I’m a developer, dear Council, dear Council
Unless I’m a developer, it’s quite clear to me
You’re a troublemaker, dear resident, dear resident, dear resident
You’re a troublemaker dear resident, have a nice day from me

Northern Beaches Warrior said...

To Lizza,

Your poem goes right to crux of the matter between residents of the Northern Beaches and Council (both old and new).

Sums up Factman's opinion and the arrogance of senior Council officers in their dealings with residents....

Factman seems to be of the opinion that we are all snobs.

Not true, we just want good communication, good representation, responsibility, accountability and professional decision making from Councillors and Council Officers and NOT the lies, misinformation, pro-developer stance in just about 100% of DAs (case in point, watch out for the decision on Palm Cove head land today at Council), and all the other crap that we are being fed ad nauseum (only one exception to this statment is our new Councillor Julia!).

Its seems that Rob Pyne has turned the spot light on the actions and behaviour of some senior Council Officers!!

Unfortunately, Rob, we have experienced all this first hand for the last 5 years, and we agree with what you have said.

It is getting that change process into action, and that so far, has not materialised to the point where it is making a positive impact on the lives of Northern Beaches residents and our fast dwindling natural environs!!!!

r hallett said...

Great tourism news Pacific BLue are launching Cairns - Auckland non stop flights on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 23 March 2010.


Deps 11pm Arrives 5.30am +1

Deps 4pm Arrives 6.40pm

Richard Hertz said...

The Compost noted today that Mayor Schier has no objection to "Puppetry of the Penis" being given in Cairns.

I guess it's obvious that a Mayor of her orientation would believe that this is the only use for a penis.

R. Head said...

So your point is Richard?

Johnny Fruitcake said...

Very low Mr Hertz. You are a scum to talk like that (surprized Mike alllowed your comment actually)

As there are no Richard Hertz listed in the phone book in Cairns, I can only assume you are hiding away like a girl's blouse.

Warren Entsch said...

They loved it when Kevvy would bend over but decent people are repulsed!

JJ Jones - Freshwater said...

Just listening to Bev and Pieter Blaauw on Cairns 89.1 FM right now and find it repulsive that they are on air... expecialy that there is a criminal assualt investigation against Pieter.

Bloody disjusting.

Joanne said...

If he was a footy player he would have been suspended pending an investigation.

Great to think that a sport like Leauge is more ethical than a community radio station.

League even.

Thaddeus said...

Everyone, see where some piss weak dissembling Byrne arse-licker "blames" the half empty Cairns CBD on the current Mayor in todays "Cairns Post"? (Wonder what Byrne and the boys club have promised him?) For the record, the CBD was kicked up its proverbial arse when Byrne approved the building of the Cairns Central Shopping Centre. It's been struggling ever since.

Jan from Kewarra said...

Council again misbehaving!

A friend of mine with a dog has been harrassed by Council, after a series of vexatious complaints by the Chairman of the Body Corporate of our estate at Paradise Palms. The complaints are vexatious in nature because the chairman and or Committee completely ignore the facts that we, the other residents, have to put up with their dogs or the dogs belonging to their friends in the estate, yapping continuously from morning to night, and the other owners whose dogs are are allowed to wander around the estate by themselves, are not cautioned or fined in any way.

The chairman has previously sent letters of complaint against my friend to Council and taken a number of photos of my friend walking her dog off the lead, on adjacent private land (not public land or land owned by the body corporate) and is pressuring Council to do something about it.

A Council officer this week, put a threatening notice in her letter box, with a copy of the photographs saying that she will be faced with a $200 fine if she transgresses again.

Since when should our Council be using evidence (being a series photographs which are not dated or verified) and supplied by a third party, with the actual events not witnessed by a Council Inforcement Offier themselves, to harrass, fine or attempt to threaten to fine a resident.

My friend has contacted the Crime and Misconduct Commission and has reported yet another serious breach of poor Council Officer behaviour. Unfortunately, this Council seems to be plagued by these types of bullying events.

I welcome Jason O'Brien putting this Council under the spotlight, because, as we all know, there is a whole lot going on in there, that should not be going on, and the residents, at times are treated with contempt and over zealous enforcement policies.

Jude Johnston said...

After the debacle over the Insulation Rebate Scheme that has seen every man and his dog becoming " an istaller", we now have the Government handing out stimulus money to Developers to produce social housing. Are the developers of 19x2 Apartments at Trinity Park and the 18 x 2 apartments in the Heart of Palm Cove for Social Housing going to build quality or are they going to build garbage and walk away leaving a mess.
Is the tourism in Palm Cove so bad that it needs the stimulus of social housing.

A Labor Insider said...

With Cpt Bligh languishing in the polls badly whats the chances that Rudd will get rid of her before he goes to the polls, which he has too later this year.

This will be his contribution to avoid the Federal political carnage if Bligh remains.

Rudd knows he is on a hiding to none without the dead weight in his saddles of Bligh.

As I write I can hear the knives being sharpened. While others are saying forget about the sharpening just stick the knife in regardless!!

The Shark said...

The People’s Friend, unionist Stewart Traill, has been caught out lying AGAIN.

According to the ComPost, one of his so-called failures of Ergon maintenance is actually a failure of private maintenance by the owners of the power line. It had nothing to do with Ergon.

And on the subject of maintenance, it’s high time Traill and all the other ETU bludgers and show-ponies started doing some actual maintenance on the power system before their negligence kills someone.

Rather than spending all their time taking photos of problems and giving them to the media, and holding protests and generally getting their pictures in the paper, they could start doing what WE PAY THEM TO DO.

That is, actually maintain the system so it works and so people are safe.

Another interesting aspect of the ComPost story is that although the rag caught Trail lying big-time, it still went on to print his lies.

So much for honesty in journalism!

Stuey Traill said...

The Shark,
Let me provide you all the facts that Ergon did not provide.
1 Initially Ergon admitted it was their pole and then backflipped when the media started calling.
2 The 440v wires held up by the pole
3 The pole was previously inspected by Ergon and identified as faulty
4 Ergon notified the property owner of the defects in 2007
Since then Ergon has done nothing to ensure that the property owner repaired the defects despite allowing the live wires to remain on that pole supported by a non standard Ergon construction.
5 The lady that recieved the shock had no idea of the fault or the dangerous situation she, her husband and her four children were being exposed too.
6 Ergons wires are their responsibility

I will not apologise for running a Maintenance campaign that is first and firemost about saving lives.

Any one of the failures in the last few months could have killed.
A cow was killed in Mareeba by a fallen 66000v wire.
A live wire fell to 1.8m above the ground at Rutherford St outside the hockey fields.
A lady recieved a shockfrom a pillar box at Kewarra Bch
A live wire fell to the ground at the beaches.
The Highleigh rd pole fell to the ground bringing Ergon wires down leading to electic shock.
I don't know about you Shark but in my books thats a fairly ordinary performance from an electricity network that Ergon continues to publicly state is in good shape.
I will continue taking photos, I will continue to send those photos to Ergon,the Energy Minister, the Four Local State ALP members and the ESO to hopefully get one of the authorities responsible for Electricity Safety to wake up before somebody is killed.
The Ergon employees are not bludgers and if you have lived in this region through cyclones and storms I am sure one of them have been out in the middle of the night and pouring rain repairing your powerline so you could get a decent nights sleep.
Don't forget its also their lives at stake by being constantly forced to work on the decaying electricity network.

Pete said...

You've just made yourself look like the fool that you are.
Stuey Trail is telling nothing but the truth. How do I know?
Because I was there. I was there when the Ergon employee first turned up on site to ascertain the damage. I heard him on the phone to the Cairns office obtaining verification that the pole that had fallen down was in fact Ergon's asset.To prove this i can say that the same Ergon Employee turned to the owner of the property after his conversation with the Cairns office and said that Ergon is loading a pole on a truck, sending a crane truck and a crew of men to install the new pole and wires immediately; all free of charge because it was found to be there asset and they were responsible.
The crew that arrived had already done a 9 hour day and then did another great job getting the power back on for this young family whilst missing out on time with there own family.
And what a pack of bludgers I hear you say. Well I didn't see any fools out there that day. I guess that's why you weren't there.
You're a big mouth with no spine to back up what your say, otherwise you would have done you research and shut your mouth.


cairns voter said...

Rock on Stuie, you're doing a great job, ignore this dickhead, it's the usual tall poppy syndrome from lesser men.
Take Desley's spot next election - I'll vote for you, and so will plenty of others

colwhothinks said...

Maybe the shark should tell us who he is or at least which "pitt"iful
Person he is mates with.
As we are not "wetten"all behind the ears to not know which "Boyle"on the arse he represents .
In this faceless gutless attack on stuey traill.
Did you have to many "red wines"
with your lunch ?
Your "mumbling " "lucas" warm rant is a direct result of stuey doing a fine job exposing the facts as it is.
As an old manager told me one day , you only get things written on the toilet wall about you when you are right.
Keep up the good work stuey.

Anonymous said...

I endorse that last comment. Let's get rid of the most useless, obnoxious state representative this city has ever seen. She will simply not do the job she is being paid for and is nothing but a lackey ramming Brisbane policies dow our throats.

JJ Blakeney said...

If there were no issues with poles failing and wires dropping to the ground the ETU wouldnt have any photos to take would they. Any protests they attend are in their own time at their own expense.
I doubt you'd be having a go a Stuey Traill if a pole failed at your place and placed the lives of your family at risk.
These ETU blokes you condemn so quickly often work massive hours in extremely poor conditions just so people can enjoy TV at night and a warm meal. They even risk there own safety for the cowards like you that cant even use your real name when dishing out shit on a computer to have a go at them.
Next time your cruising around thinking of new cool nicknames you can use, just take a look at a few of the poles around here and ask yourself if youd like that somewhere near where your kids play. If you've ever seen what a 22000volt line does when it hits the ground you might just have a little more appreciation for what the Ergon guys do (more often than not LIVE) and why the ETU has such major concerns over the state of the network.

The Shark said...

Spin spin spin. No wonder you want to be a politician

You blamed the pole and now you are trying to wriggle out of it.
This is just another card in your pack of lies.

Instead of trying to get your name in the papers, how about actually doing something to fix what problems there are before your negligence causes the death of an innocent member of the public.

And how come you don't know what is Ergon property and what is not?
I suggest you undergo some training to fix your own dangerous ignorance before you start attacking Ergon.

And how many of the problems you have identified are actually caused by you and your ETU mates spending more time parading before the TV cameras and talking to the media than actually working.

And thanks, Cairns Voter, for spilling the beans about what this is all about.

It's nothing but a dirty political campaign to get Stewart Traill a big-paying job on the leather benches in Brisbane.

It's got nothing to do with public safety and everything to do about naked political ambition and cold, calculated greed.

PS. Excuse the delay in replying. I actually work during working hours.

KitchenSlut said...

The Grateful Mac is correct! Following the removal of KB (damn how I hope we don't let him back!) it is now Ms Boyle who represents the buttplug of the Cairns polity and must be removed?

Will someone in her ALP please do the decent thing and tap her on the shoulder?

i am so angry said...

She has been tapped AND I will tell you another secret " jim mumbles scooter turn own "
was asked to stand down as he has a better than all the passengers on the titanic chance of being re elected, Of winning leichhardt again , and if you really dare me I will tell you who was going to replace the bumbling moron.

Stuey Traill said...

If you think I want to be a shiny arse pollie you definately don't know me then.
I can't stand the lies, spin and deceipt.
You are merely attempting to deflect the attention away from the real issue whilst cowardly hiding behind a nickname.
Facts are that the pole was on Ergons system as their asset. it was repaired by Ergon crews. It was not until the next day that Ergon backflipped.
I checked my facts before making a statement to the Press unlike your rant.
The ETU has been running a maintenance campagn for over 20 years and will continue to do so.
It is the media that is contacting me on a regular basis because they know that somebody is going to be killed if Ergon and the QLD Govt don't wake up to themselves.
Ergon is still a GOC ( until Bligh sells it ) and until then the ultimate responsibilty is with the Bligh Govt to maintain the network to a safe and reliable standard.
Don't dare blame me or the Ergon ETU members, they are being forced to work with reduced staff numbers, reduced crew numbers on a deteriorating network that is risking their lives.
The work is there to be done but Ergon does not have the money to do it, fact.
I send all of the issues to a select few people that do have the ability to influence maintenance, The Ergon CEO, The Energy Ministers office, The Four local State MP's, The Electrical Safety office, the ETU assistant secretary and Ergon delegate.
A conspiracy theorist would question "The Shark" having knowledge of the volume of photos sent to a select few people when I have sent very little of the photos to the Press.
Perhaps this attack is nothing more than an attempt to divert the attention away from the people that have the ultimate responsibility for maintenance.
Happy to debate you in a public forum if you like so people can know the real identity of the Shark and the agenda behind your irresponsible attack.

The Shark said...

There's more spin in you than all of the local members combined. Let me put things simply.
1. You said the pole was an Ergon asset.
2. It is not.
You told a lie.
3. You blamed a woman's injuries on Ergon's pole falling over.
3. Her injuries were not caused by Ergon's pole falling over.
You told a lie.
And start taking some responsibility for your own actions. It's YOUR PHOTOS for YOUR GRUBBY POLITICAL CAMPAIGN that caused MY FAMILY to be hassled.
Now stop wasting my time and my taxes and start doing some work before you cause someone else serious injury or death.
Now stop wasting my time and my taxes and start doing some work before you cause someone else serious injury or death.

Stuey Traill said...

The pole is still on Ergons computer system as their own with an Ergon asset number.
Ergon knew it was stuffed and did nothing to ensure it was fixed.
When it failed Ergon fixed it free of charge.
Why would they do that if the believed it wasn't their responsibility?
If your family is being hassled they must be involved in some way.If that involvement is due to a fault from a lack of Ergon maintenance I would hope you would understand the issues we are raising and supprot our campaign for adequate maintenance.
If you believe that maintenance is not up to scratch get on board and have a crack at the real culprits, Ergon and the Govt for not having the appropriate maintenance strategies in place to prevent incidents that we are seeing on a regular basis.
Preventative maintenance is the best way to stop somebody losing a loved one.
Just as a matter of interest your tax payers dollars don't go to me, I work for the ETU and will not apologise for highlighting failure in Ergon maintenance that is leading to people getting injured or worse potentially getting killed.

Conan Doyle said...

Holmes: Tell me Watson, what do you make of the exchange on Cairnsblog between this Shark and our friend Traill?

Watson: Ho, Holmes what a lark that Shark certainly does seem to have a bee in his breaches! It hasn't been this lively since Trail was skipping work down at Myers stalking Anna Bligh through the lingerie department!

Holmes: Watson you astound me, sometimes you stumble onto something and don't see it at all.

Watson: What Holmes? No idea what you mean old chap that Bligh is a striking lass and Traill showed good red blooded manliness in stalking her through the womenswear at Myer. I wish it was me at her tail Holmes, what!

Holmes: Watson take a cold shower and get a grip! It wasn't lingerie but a jacket with a red stain! And now we have a pole which seems to be the talk of the town don;t you see?

Watson: I'm lost, what are you saying Holmes?

Holmes: Yes Watson, the link between the Bligh red ink stain and the Ergon pole is the key to the Traill motivation!

Watson: Crikey Holmes!

Cairns voter said...

ok "i am so angry" - i really dare you - who do you say was suggested as replacing mumbles ? And for that matter, thoughts on the replacement of desley ?

nocturnal congress said...

I'm curious myself "I'm so angry"...just who is supposed to be "replacing" Turnour??? Hey, share the goss around....

i am so angry said...

I Will reveal all when the election is called about who was asked to stand instead of " jim mumbles scooter turn now turnour ,rello of the other labor nuffer " running against the nuffer in kennedy.
Also waitng for mike to come back from the moon and update the site .
As it would be a waste to share it with you and one other.

Warren's Freckle said...

I really enjoy watching the 7 PM project on Ten, and I can even stand guests like Steve Price on the show. BUT when they roll out the intelligence insulting Melbourne Village Idiot (Andrew Bolt) like they did tonight then I have to turn off the TV and start surfing the blogs.He really is a total tosser (apologies to LNP correspondents).

Really Pissed Off said...

Why does this town not give a shit about community radio? Where was the media support for the Recent Local Blues Festival? Admittedly Kier played a lot of tracks from the artists involved at our taxpayer funded ABC. Sorry, missed the input from our tax payer funded amazing local community 4CCR radio club which supposedly has a mandate to cover community events. Can anyone fill me in on what I missed?

Smithfield Sam said...

Congrats to the (yank or canuck) that called in to John "Wigboy" Mackenzie this morning and give him an earful about his devicive and annoying vitriol that he spews daily.

The caller started by referring to his audience as "300 hillbillies", and told the mayor his so-called "poll" about the Performing Arts Centre should be disregarded accordingly.

After a defense of the Centre, the caller then went back to lambaste Mackenzie some more, including his penchant for allowing racist and sexist comments to go to air. (He's already been convicted by ACMA on several occasions for this racial and sexist vilification).

Frankly, I the only thing I would take issue with is the reference to "300 hillbilly listeners". This seems exaggerated to me.

Time for all those in support of the Performing Arts centre to speak up.

Miss Timm said...

Check out the massive list of bogan..... sorry, 'friends' (all 12 of them at present) on the "Cairns Cultural Precinct is a Disgrace" page on Face Book. By the way for balance there is a "Cairns Cultural Precinct Fans & Supporters" page as well.

pumba said...

Coming from Manchester in the UK where we have an excellent tram network throughout the city centre and suburbs, I really feel it's something that would benefit Cairns and link all the suburbs together efficiently. It would also bring huge amounts of extra money into the city because for me the thought of paying $50 each way in a taxi for a night out was not very appealing!!! Here there is a tram every 6 minutes and they run quite late and are cheap. We also have a train network from the city centre stations to all the surrounding suburbs and the national rail network.
What do you think???